Prime Minister and I | Ep 1&2 | First Impressions

Finally catching up with one of the new dramas that premiered these past weeks and one that I was excited about. It does feel good starting a new drama and especially when the drama seems a promising one.

The story revolves around Kwon Yool the youngest prime minister of Korea and a single dad and Nam Da Jung a young reporter for a gossip newspaper. These two find themselves in an awkward position and end up married.

So as many of you know this is a contract marriage kind of theme . I admit it that I love these kind of stories. You know, two people who don’t necessarily like each other forced to live under the same roof. This is what I live for!

The Pros

– Pleasantly surprised by everyone’s acting. I was ony familiar with Yoon Shi Yoon’s and Ryu Jin’s acting and only heard “things” about the two main leads’ acting. I can say even from watching only two episodes that yes Lee Beom Soo is indeed a really talented actor. As for Yoona the only experience I had, was some youtube videos from Love Rain. I’m happy that she is providing a stellar performance so far.


– I like all the characters. I feel like they are well-written and interesting. And that despite what they look like all of them seem to have other things hidden inside them.

– I really loved the different relationships that are already formed in the story. Da Jung and her father, Kwon Yool with his children. I’m eagerly waiting to see how these bonds will shaken up and change.

– The main couple. I love them already. Great chemistry, great interactions, great everything!


– Yoon Shi Yoon’s character, Kang In Ho, seems particularly interesting. What are his motives? What past does he share with the prime minister? Very curious to know.

– The last thing is more of an overall impression. While watching the first episodes I was always wanting to know what was gonna happen next. And they were only introductory episodes! I was so tired but still I was holding up just to see what will happen. This is a good sign in my book!

The Cons

-I wasn’t the biggest fan of all the “flashbacks” when a character was thinking what happened. I understand that they served a purpose but I think I could do with fewer of them.

– The only other complain I have is that not a whole lot happened in these episodes. Again understandable being introductory episodes and all, where we need to learn about our characters and their inter-relationships but I think that they could have thrown something more in the mix.

Overall though I highly enjoyed these first episodes and I’m eagerly waiting for the next ones. One last thing that I wanted to point out is that this drama feels like a good-old-korean romantic comedy. I fell in love with korean dramas from watching romantic comedies. Since then I have started watching different genres but romantic comedies will always hold a special place in my heart. My point is that this one reminds me of the old days and I couldn’t be happier about it!

(pictures credit: Dramabeans, Soompi)


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