Serendipity Week | February 1, 2015

It's well over a year that I did a post like this but today I felt like it so here it goes! Drama Serendipities I've been slowly started watching Pinocchio these last weeks. I did take a break because we had elections here in Greece and I had to go to my village for a … Continue reading Serendipity Week | February 1, 2015


Serendipity Week | December 7, 2013

This blog's main theme is dramas. But what happens when you have no time to actually watch dramas? What happens that despite the fact that you haven't watch any dramas you still want to post something? Well my friends what happens is a Serendipity Week post. Although it should be called Serendipity Weeks but anyway... … Continue reading Serendipity Week | December 7, 2013

Serendipity Week | November 18, 2013

How much I like the word serendipity. I also like the words shenanigans, paraphernalia, naive and the way castle sounds. Why am I even talking about this? Come on now, get yourself together and properly start this post! So as I previously mentioned I will start these new type of posts that I will talk … Continue reading Serendipity Week | November 18, 2013