Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!! I haven’t written a post or comment in a while because real life is way more demanding that I would like it to be. I haven’t been able to catch up with my dramas either but I’m hoping to do so today as yesterday was the last day of university. Of course I have a ton to read for uni in the holidays’ … Continue reading Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Sunshine Award | Another Belated Response

A few months ago the always lovely Snow from The Drama Corner nominated me for a Sunshine Award! I am so thankful and kind of embarrassed that it took me so long before I get around answering the questions. But let’s not waste any more time now and just go straight to the questions. 1. What is your favourite thing to do when you are not watching … Continue reading Sunshine Award | Another Belated Response

Das ist Liebe! | A (very, very, very) belayed Bonus Part

About a year ago I was nominated for a Liebser Award from some lovely bloggers, who I thank a lot. I did some posts where I’ve answered their questions but I didn’t answer missienelly’s questions from the blog Mymyooz. So I thought I would do a very belated post answering these questions! 1. Do you kpop/cpop/twpop/jpop? If yes, share with me few of your favorite singers and/or … Continue reading Das ist Liebe! | A (very, very, very) belayed Bonus Part

One Year Blog-Anniversary |BrightLittleWorld

I logged in my blog a couple of minutes ago and it said that today is my one year anniversary. One year of blogging! This is crazy! I know that I haven’t been active for quite a few months now. It is something that goes hand in hand with not watching a lot of dramas or movies,with life commitments and just in general being not … Continue reading One Year Blog-Anniversary |BrightLittleWorld