Currently Watching | Rambling Be aware!

I’m done with my finals and I’ve spent the first two days of my freedom organizing my computer, buying books and catching up with my dramas. Ohh life seems so much sweeter right now! Haha. I thought since this is my first post since the new year started to make it about what I’m currently watching, to put some organization into my drama watching life … Continue reading Currently Watching | Rambling Be aware!

Up-Coming Dramas | October 2013

October is coming fast and a new bunch of dramas are ready to air. Continuing with my “policy” to watch both currently airing dramas and finished ones I started doing my research to see what dramas I will start next. Once again I found myself kind of falling out of dramas that I’m currently watching, ones that are quite good (see Two Weeks, Empire of … Continue reading Up-Coming Dramas | October 2013