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I’m done with my finals and I’ve spent the first two days of my freedom organizing my computer, buying books and catching up with my dramas. Ohh life seems so much sweeter right now! Haha. I thought since this is my first post since the new year started to make it about what I’m currently watching, to put some organization into my drama watching life too!

The Good News

I’ve started watching One More Happy Ending and I’m enjoying it so far. As far as the story goes, it’s kind of refreshing and it deals with issues that they aren’t often taked about. It is a nice way to spend my time and it relaxes me. I’m gonna talk more about it in my next post which is gonna be a first impressions one.


I’m continuing with Reply 1988. I’m still loving and adoring it of course. I never get bored learning about the characters’ lives and quirks and everyhting inbetween. I’m not gonna lie though- I cracked! I did! I thought I was stronger but I guess I’m not. I was watching ep 14 on friday and then I was thinking and well who is gonna be the husband in the end? And, well, I cracked! I went on youtube and I’ve typed “Reply 1988 kiss” and well the rest is history as they say. I know who he is. I didn’t expect it! I’m saying nothing more I’ll probably do a blog post with my final thoughts.


Lastly for this section I haven’t forgotten about Misaeng (Incomplete Life). I have two episodes to go and I am planning to watch thise. This drama can get under your skin with the amazing characters, their stories and the actor’s performances. It is a quite drama that doesn’t need fancy plot twists or action packed scenes to make you engaged and keep you interested. I’m getting boring but I want to write a full review on this one because it simply deserves a proper one.


The Bad News

I’m gonna go ahead and say it, so here it goes. I’m kind of dropping Oh My Venus. Boom!! So far I’ve watched 9/16 episodes and I realised that nothing had happened! As much as I enjoyed the episodes and thought the chemistry between the two leads was great I found myself thinking that I was no mood to watch more episodes of it. The idea bored me so I’ve just decided to not continue with it. I’m kinda putting it on-hold kinda dropping it but in essence I find it unlikely that I’ll pick it up anytime soon.

The Aftermath

Apart form the fact that I’m so very happy that these finals are over I’m equally happy that I’m back with watvhing dramas. But I want to start some new ones because there is nothing like starting a new drama (or  a new book for that matter!). I’m not sure what I have mnood for though. A while back I wanted to start a historic one but now I’m not sure. So I’m ending this post with asking you if you have any suggestion for what to watch next! Till next time.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!!

I haven’t written a post or comment in a while because real life is way more demanding that I would like it to be.
I haven’t been able to catch up with my dramas either but I’m hoping to do so today as yesterday was the last day of university. Of course I have a ton to read for uni in the holidays’ season but hopefully I’ll have a bit more time to relax and do/watch stuff for myself.

Because I am not sure if and when I’m gonna be able to upload a new post, I wanted to write this quick one to wish everyone Happy Christmas, if you’re celebrating, Happy New Year to everyone and Happy Holidays. I wish everyone the best for the new year, above all health and to fulfill all your wishes.

For me it was a nice year as far as dramas go as it’s the year I actually started re-watching dramas after spending so long being in a drama slamp. I’m hoping this next year to be able to enjoy my dramas even more and be able to write and share my thoughts about them too. I also want to keep up with my book reading again next year and write more about them too, because I haven’t written as much as I would have liked.

Again I’m wishing everyone health and happiness!
Until next time,
xxx brightfotini

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The Village: Achiara’s Secret| Quick Review & Thoughts

Last week the drama The Village: Achiara’s Secret finished airing. I was keeping up with the drama since the beginning and I thought it would be nice to write a short post about my thoughts on it.

The Story

The story takes place in a small, village in Korea, called Achiara. A young woman, Han So Yoon, portrayed by Moon Geun Young (My Little Bride, Marry Stayed out all Night), moves there from Canada and starts working as an english teacher at the local school. The peaceful scene of the village changes when the teacher discovers a buried body and slowly secrets start to unravel.

The story I found from the beginning interesting especially because I’m a huge fan of stories that are based around a mystery or a crime. Stories both in books and tv series. Truth is though that I hadn’t watch much of these kind from korean entertainment so I thought this drama would be a good starting point.

The Execution 

The drama definitely kept up my interest with the story and the way it unfolded. So many surprises and so many twists had me always wondering what’s gonna happen next. Apart from the actual mystery though, of who’s the killer?, what was actually more interesting was learning about the past, learning about the different characters stories and unraveling all the different layers of this village’s secrets and past.

As far as the atmosphere of the drama, the music and the overall “technical” execution I think that was the element that was lacking the most. The pacing felt at times very uneven, the music over the top and in general it felt like it was trying too hard to be scary but it just wasn’t succeeding in it.


The Characters

Now the characters were definitely one of the pros in the drama. There were some hits and misses here and there but overall we got interesting characters, with many layers and contradictory, in a good way, characteristics. The way most characters were written, especially characters like Yoon Ji-Sook, Agashi, Kang Jo Hee and Kim Hye Jin, felt like we were watching real, complex characters being driven by emotions and emotions that they couldn’t control, much like in real life. The way the writers chose to present their story, paying special attention on how the characters were fleshed out gave room to form great character portraits and great performances by their actors.



The Themes

Rich in its themes, the drama made thought-provoking comments about various aspects of human character and society in general. Motherhood, sisterhood, family bonds, blood ties and not, the past, memories and moments that define who we are and what life we lead, painful experiences and how they shape the human character and more, all play a vital role in the story, they are the core of the story. In essence it feels like the drama is more a drama disguising itself as a mystery/thriller story when in reality it provides a social commentary about the human character.

The Ending

 Concluding this short review a few words about the ending. I was satisfied but at the same time I wanted more. I thought the person responsible for the murder made sense with the overall story but I liked the twist the writers chose to give at the very end. On the other hand other people who should be punished for their past actions never did. I wanted the ones who were at fault should be held responsible for their actions so I was disappointed there.  Lastly the drama left some unanswered questions, mainly about the supernatural element that was evident throughout the series but to be honest I didn’t really mind.


The Village: Achiara’s Secret is a strong drama that managed to keep my attention and never leave me feeling bored. I liked the different and unique elements that it had and I would recommend it. A final note the drama deals with some graphic and trigger warning themes so if you don’t like these elements in your dramas keep away. All in all I was pleased with the overall outcome.

Rating: 4~4.5 stars

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Oh My Venus | Ep 3-6| Thoughts

I’m back! I intended to write a couple of posts the previous weekend but unfortunately life had other plans for me. Thursday night I started having neck problems and by Friday morning I was hurting so bad and couldn;t evn lift my arm. The verdickt was 2 different pills, 3 times a day, wearing my medical neck collar all the time and having my mom help me to sit up and lye on bed. Thankfully I’m feeling quite better now and I can write a few words about the latest episodes of Oh My Venus. Before I go on I just want to mention that all these days I was lying in bed unable to do anything really I pretty much marathoned the drama Miseang. I have 2 and a half episodes in order to finish it and I’m loving it so so much. A new favourite dare to say! I’m gonna try to write in the near future a post about it. But for now lets continue with with Oh My Venus.

The first two episodes were ver introductory and I’m glad we have left them behind and the story has progressed a littles bit. So Joo Eun knows who the real John Kim is, she has started training with him, she continues to face some situations that she needs to be saved, literary and metaphorically, and the first signs of attraction between out main couple have started to show.


– Joo Eun and Young Ho when they are together. Oh my God they are adorable and I love them together! They have started learning a little bit more for each other, he is training her, she can understand his softer side and he starts to see her real beauty in her. The chemistry continues to be solid and in general I’m very happy with this couple. Some moments that have stayed with me are the videos that Joo Eun send him with her exersising, their fist kiss, and all the times Young Ho just looks at her, studying her and being mesmerized by her.


– Joo Eun and her boys! When they are all together all I can think about is how funny and adorable their interactions are. A bond has started to form between them and it feels like a breeze of fresh air when they are all interacting together. Moments that have stayed with me were when they all went to Joo Eun’s house to throw away any junk food etc, the way the agreed to spend a day like they’re living her life, the restaurant scene and every time Ji Woong says “ma’am”. Cute!!


– Character development. I’m really enjoying how we het to learn more about Young Ho’s past, what he’s been through, and the fact thea he isn’t as strong as he lets other see him.

Not Enjoyed

– How many times will need Joo Eun to be saved? At some point I found it a bit too much. I understand that some things, like the stalker incident, helped in order for the story to progress but I couldn’t help not cringe and roll my eyes when the theme of saving arose once again.

– All the back stories with Young Ho’s family. I don’t care about the politics, about rich chaebols and everything in between. I didnt’t like them in the first episodes and I still don’t.

– Lastly can I just whine about the second female and male leads? Especially Soo Jin. I just don’t like her. I understand and care about the fact that she is clearly a person that suffers from an inferiority complex but is that enough to justify some of her actions? I don’t think so.

All in all I’m still enjoying the drama. I have to admit that I’m mainly watching it for our man couple because they give me all the feels. It feels like a drama that you only care about the main couple and you just want them to be ok in the end. Let’s see what the story brings us next!

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Oh My Venus | Ep 1&2 | First Impressions

I’m gonna be honest with you. At first I wasn’t really interesting in watching this drama. Even though I liked So Ji Sub and Shin Mina as actors in previous works of them, the story didn’t sound much. And for me if I don’t find the story interesting I’m not bothering with dramas. But this time I’ve decide to give it a try and said to myself “watch the first two episodes and decide after”. And so I did. And I’m glad to report that I was pleasantly surprised.

The story revolves around two main characters. Kang Joo Eun (Shin Mina, Arang and the Magistrate, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) is now a lawyer. When she was younger she used to be very popular and considered one of the most beautiful girls out there. Nowadays though she has changed. She is heavier and not quite happy with herself. Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub, Sorry I Love you, Master’s Sun) is a worldwide famous trainer but who comes from a wealthy family and has secrets of his own.

The Pros

– If the first and best positive thing of this drama isn’t our main couple then what is it, am I right? So Ji Sub and Shin Mina breathe a fresh air to their characters. They seem so effortless and so natural that you can;t help but appreciate the effort they put in what they’re doing. So far the chemistry between these too is great and I liked how the basis for their upcoming relationship has being laid out.



– The character of Kang Joo Eun is an especially interesting one. We can already tell that she is fierce and strong and when she puts something in her mind she is determined to make it happen. But on the other hand we see her vulnerable side. We can tell that she is not happy about her current situation and that she feels pressure and is anxious about her life. And that is probably one of the reasons she is heavier nowadays. I expect a lot from this character and its growth and I think her journey will be of interest. I’m getting She Was Pretty vibes as far as Joo Eun’s character goes which isn’t a bad thing at all.

– A small one but one that gave the two episodes a lightness was Henry’s character, Ji-woong. Such a cute, warm and funny character! Also let’s not forget that it did had some funny moments. I mean the scens int he hotel room anyone? I died laughing!!


– Lastly one more thing that I liked was the partially So Ji Sub’s characters talked about Joo Eun’s weight as a health issue instead of her being fat/ugly/’needs to lose weight because that’s not pretty’ etc. A first hint that hopefully will translate later in the story as Joo Eun adopting a healthier lifestyle as opposed to changing for superficial reasons.

The Cons

– Fat shaming of some sorts. In contrast with what I said above there were also many instances where being heavier is treated as something bad, something ugly, something to be ashamed of. Well drama this is not a place you wanna go! As I said we want dramas (but magazines, films,etc too) that promote healthy body images and lifestyles.

– I wasn’t particularly interesting in the background stories. For example Young Hoo being from a rich family, having problems with his family, his family chasing him etc etc. There was a disproportional difference between how invested I was in the scenes with the main couple and how much uninterested I was in second storylines. Of course these background stories are there to make the story more interesting but for me I hope the drama doesn’t focus too much on them.

In conclusion a promising start. There are dealing with issues that can make the viewers love or hate the drama if they are not handled correctly. Also I’m getting a lot of feels when the main couple is interacting even in these two introductory episodes. Do I already ship them? I think I am. But I still want more! Hopefully more, and good more, is what I’m gonna get.


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Reply 1988 | Ep 1-4 | First Impressions

Another year, another installment of the successful Reply/Answer Me series. They are well-loved in dramaland and not without reason. They are funny, warm and their portrayal of friendship and the characters’ coming of age stories always manage to pull our heartstrings. Personally I have watched the first installment, Reply 1997, and half of the second one, Reply 1994. The second one I didnt’t stop watching it because I didnt’t like it, it was mostly that I was going through my drama slump so… But I was a bit cheeky and did read with whom she ends up with. I do intend in the future to finish it but right now there are other dramas that need to be prioritized, such as the current Reply installment, Reply 1998.

The scenario has changed a bit but it still holds its original themes and patrons. We are in the year 1988, the year that Korea hosted the Olympics, the year of the walkmans and the year that crazy hair and make-up were considered cool. There is no cell phones and no internet of course! Our group of friends, childhood friends consisting of one girl and four boys, have grown up in the same street, are now on their last years of high school , and the story revolves around them and their families.

The Pros

– The characters of course. Each one with their unique quirks, feelings and stories we get a whole range of different people who all together form a great and interesting group of friends.


– The friendship of course! Isn’t it great when you know there are people who are going to be there for you no matter what? No matter how much you bicker with each other true friends are always true to your friendship. Like when they all visited Taek after he lost in his game. Or when the boys showed up for Duk Sun’s school competition. Or just in general the feeling we get when they are all together having fun that screams comfort and affections and friendship.

– I liked how this time around the story focuses on the parents stories too instead of only on the kids. Financial problems, being rich, marriage crisis, family relationships and everything in between play a major role this time around. It is very interesting seeing how everything unfolds and how the characters react to different situations and feelings.


– Last but definitely not least I really enjoy how the romantic aspect of the story slowly unfolds. So far it’s not the main focus of the story which is good. We see the first signs of first love and I’m waiting eagerly to see how things will turn out to be. We’ll definitely have some heart breaks but I’m sure that in the end everything will turn out to be ok. If I had to bet I would bet that Jung Hwan is the husband and I’m not complaining in the least!


The Cons 

– Every time with the Reply series I try to find something that I don’t like and every time I can’t. So none so far!

All in all a great start. I am a sucker for these kind of stories, the ones that shows us a fragment of people’s lives so I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

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