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I’m done with my finals and I’ve spent the first two days of my freedom organizing my computer, buying books and catching up with my dramas. Ohh life seems so much sweeter right now! Haha. I thought since this is my first post since the new year started to make it about what I’m currently watching, to put some organization into my drama watching life too!

The Good News

I’ve started watching One More Happy Ending and I’m enjoying it so far. As far as the story goes, it’s kind of refreshing and it deals with issues that they aren’t often taked about. It is a nice way to spend my time and it relaxes me. I’m gonna talk more about it in my next post which is gonna be a first impressions one.


I’m continuing with Reply 1988. I’m still loving and adoring it of course. I never get bored learning about the characters’ lives and quirks and everyhting inbetween. I’m not gonna lie though- I cracked! I did! I thought I was stronger but I guess I’m not. I was watching ep 14 on friday and then I was thinking and well who is gonna be the husband in the end? And, well, I cracked! I went on youtube and I’ve typed “Reply 1988 kiss” and well the rest is history as they say. I know who he is. I didn’t expect it! I’m saying nothing more I’ll probably do a blog post with my final thoughts.


Lastly for this section I haven’t forgotten about Misaeng (Incomplete Life). I have two episodes to go and I am planning to watch thise. This drama can get under your skin with the amazing characters, their stories and the actor’s performances. It is a quite drama that doesn’t need fancy plot twists or action packed scenes to make you engaged and keep you interested. I’m getting boring but I want to write a full review on this one because it simply deserves a proper one.


The Bad News

I’m gonna go ahead and say it, so here it goes. I’m kind of dropping Oh My Venus. Boom!! So far I’ve watched 9/16 episodes and I realised that nothing had happened! As much as I enjoyed the episodes and thought the chemistry between the two leads was great I found myself thinking that I was no mood to watch more episodes of it. The idea bored me so I’ve just decided to not continue with it. I’m kinda putting it on-hold kinda dropping it but in essence I find it unlikely that I’ll pick it up anytime soon.

The Aftermath

Apart form the fact that I’m so very happy that these finals are over I’m equally happy that I’m back with watvhing dramas. But I want to start some new ones because there is nothing like starting a new drama (or  a new book for that matter!). I’m not sure what I have mnood for though. A while back I wanted to start a historic one but now I’m not sure. So I’m ending this post with asking you if you have any suggestion for what to watch next! Till next time.

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6 thoughts on “Currently Watching | Rambling Be aware!

  1. A valiant effort on staying in the dark on Reply 1988! I’m on episode 11 and have managed to avoid finding out who the husband is 🙂

    Too bad Oh My Venus didn’t work out for you. I did enjoy it, but completely agree with everything you said. It was cute, but felt hollow and seriously lacked plot. And it most definitely should have ended at episode 14. The last two eps were total filler with way too many flashbacks.

    As for a drama rec, are you looking for a new drama to watch or are you considering old ones too? Any genres your particularly in the mood for?


    1. Don’t be spoiled dont’t be spoiled! I think you can do it! I have a weakness! DO NOT BE LIKE ME! Hahah!
      As for Oh My Venus I just don;t feel like picking it up at all so I thought I won’t. At the end of the day there are so many amazing dramas out there for me to choose from!
      I’m not sure dor what I’m in the mood for. Probabably a rom-com. I was thinking about Falling for Innocence but I don’t know. And I need to check out what dramas are about to start airing and stauff. Decisions!
      Btw totally random because I just noticed it on your blog- Have you written a book??!!

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      1. Haha, I plan to hold out as long as I don’t stumble across an accidental spoiler! It requires extreme caution when perusing Twitter, lol.

        I’ve heard mostly good things about Falling for Innocence, so that would probably be a good one to check out. All of the recent rom-coms I’ve watched have been currently airing ones (She Was Pretty, Oh My Venus, Sassy Go Go, Splish Splash Love, Ho Goo’s Love). Hmmm, looks like I should try an put some older rom-coms on my list. All of the classic dramas I’ve watched recently are more on the melo side.

        Get ready for the new crop of dramas! I’ve been working on my March drama guide, and I can’t believe how many new dramas are premiering! Even more than January, and that was quite a lot. I’m planning to check out Daebak and Goodbye Mr. Black for sure. And of course, Descendants of the Sun and Come Back Ahjussi premiere in just a couple weeks 🙂 My Little Baby looks like it will be a fun rom com too.

        And yes, I have a written a book 🙂 Lots of work, but also really enjoyable, hehe.


        1. I was thinking about all the new dramas myself! So many choices indeed! Do a post and I can have them all in one place so I can choose easier! Hahah..
          I’ll check out Goodbye Mr Black for sure. I’m not so sure about Daebak and My little baby I’ll see as their airing tme comes closer. As for the other two you’ve mentioned I’m checking them out and see how it goes.
          As for the book! I mean I find it amazing that you’ve managed to do it! Congrats! 🙂

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          1. Aww, thank you 🙂

            Your wish is granted! I always try to put out my monthly drama guide on the first of every month. So on March 1, all of those lovely new dramas will be collected in one place to aide in your future drama decisions, hehe.


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