You Are More Than Beautiful | Short Film Review

Maybe in the future I will stop writing about Gong Hyo Jin. Maybe I will. Continuing with my obsession though I found this short film that Gong Hyo Jin is in. ┬áIt is only half an hour long and was originally a part of a project called Beautiful 2012 which was created for a chines site called Youku. It tells the story of a man … Continue reading You Are More Than Beautiful | Short Film Review

Petty Romance | Movie Review

I discovered asian dramas through asian movies. I now have watched quite a few, most of them being lighthearted romantic comedies. I thought that it would be a good idea to recommend one of my favourites in this post. Petty Romance (2010,Korea) This is the first movie I watched, this is the reason for it all.. The story revolves around Jung Bae an adult comic … Continue reading Petty Romance | Movie Review