The Heirs | Ep 17-20 | Final Thoughts

First things first I am not dead! I just wanted to clear things up. I had no time whatsoever to post anything or comment anything, which bothers me more actually. I have although keeping up with some dramas and I was able a few days ago to finish watching the last episodes of Heirs. I see now everyone doing their year reviews, which I want so badly to read and write my own one but you know I have to set some priorities first. So my first catching up post is about our Heirs. I do believe that they deserve a proper goodbye after all.

I left our heroes in their most valuable moment someone could argue. Tan was left alone and heartbroken after Eun Sang left him and he had to pick up his pieces from the floor. But he couldn’t because as I said in my last post he had lost his last hope. So that was it for him. He stopped trying for his life which is totally understandable and sad at the same time. It was such a pity to watch him loosing his hope after everything he had overcome. The only light in the darkness was that seen his brother like that Won finally woke up and started treating him as a person and not as his worst enemy.


Despite all though Eun Sang came back and this time more determined to stand next to Tan. But I’ve felt a bit bitter towards her for leaving him. Some people said that we didn’t need for her to leave him and then come back again since she had already decided to be with him and I would have to agree. We took a turn only to find ourselves in the same spot from where we started.Did we really need to make that turn?

And then the war really really started and then finished leaving behind happy and sad people. Some got what they wanted and some found themselves realising that what they dreamed about and finally got was not what they really wanted. But when the war is over life must move on. Now this is the real war, having to face battles every day.


The drama ended and not everyone got their happy ending but at least everyone got a closure. Everyone faced their past, everyone faced the results of their decisions and everyone would continue to live by the way they chose to do so.People always try their best to live the life they want to. To live by their rules and not the rules their family, circumstances, social circle or society itself tell them to live. It is a constant battle and I would go as far as to say that not a lot succeed it. And that is for me the main theme of this drama. At its core the story is about the choices we make and the way these choices define our lives. It is about finding the courage to make the choices that you want, the ones that would result in a life that you chose. If they are the right choices, no one can say for sure but at least they are choices that you freely made. And that is what matters the most.

Tan, Young Do, Rachel, Hyo Shin, Eun Sang, Won, Ki Ae and everyone really wanted to live a life that they could be the masters of even if in the end this life would turn out to be a bad one. At least it would be a mistake that they made.

People and especially teenagers and young people taking their first steps in the adult world can understand this feeling. The feeling of always trying to please everyone and at the same time to do what you actually want to do. It’s not an easy thing to try to balance everything out. All these people find themselves at some point feeling like they can’t breathe, like someone suffering alone in a crime scene after they’ve been shot in the chest. It’s a constant battle and unfortunately not everyone is a winner.


I know that lots of people had many problems with this drama. Not everything they said and wrote was wrong but at the end of the day everything has to do with what you choose to take from each drama. If I can find one thing in a drama that I, not exactly of course, can identify with, or better something that I can sympathise with, then I can be happy. And yes I did found something like that in this drama so I’m leaving the drama and its characters with a happy heart.

Overall this drama is not the worst but it’s not the best. It has a lot of interesting moments, a few funny ones, a sweet romantic aspect, great performances by all the actors, especially by Kim Woo Bin and Kim Sung Ryoung, and a great message/theme. And it was definitely an enjoyable watch. I would recommend watching it, at least for forming your own opinion. Even if everyone says it’s bad how would you know, right?

Rating 4/5


Side note: I know, trust me I know, the way people feel about the song Love is the Moment from The Heirs soundtrack but I wanted to point out something. Love is the moment, and friendship is the moment, and everything you do is the moment. The point is to live in the moment, to live every moment. I know it sounds cheesy and whatever but another thing that this drama left me with, and especially after watching the last episode, was that you, we, need to live every moment, to live and not think a lot about the future. Whatever there is to happen will happen. We’re still young so we have our whole lives to worry about the “serious” things. so for now we can just enjoy life. Ok? Ok. And if I ever decide to write a bad, cheesy, inspirational type of thing book, please please do not, I repeat do not let me!

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6 thoughts on “The Heirs | Ep 17-20 | Final Thoughts

  1. I just finished this last week, and I really liked it. I put off watching it because it got so much hate, but I really shouldn’t have. I found most of the ‘flaws’ funny, so for me it was highly enjoyable. I knew not to take it to seriously. I’m glad to see someone else found some enjoyment in it. And I gotta say, I actually loved that song! Been listening to it all week lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As I said even if everyone says it’s bad, if you don’t try it yourself you won’t know for sure!
      Glad that you liked it! It had its ups and downs but in the ebd it’s what you choose to get from each drama. As for the song, what can I say? I like it !! Haha.. Listening to it right now!~ 🙂

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  2. Yeah, this drama wasn’t great but I mostly enjoyed my time with it, and I wouldn’t go out of my way to tell people not to watch it. It was very pretty, and had a good cast, and is a good drama to watch if you feel like laughing at silly things that weren’t meant to be laughed at. Like Young Do’s giant black & white scarf. I don’t know why but I just think about that scarf and it makes me smile. It was just so long!


    1. As many dramas that one had many flaws but in the end for me it was an enjoyable watch..
      And it did had some things that were ind of “off” and you just wanted to laugh even though you weren’t supposed to. You mentioned the scarf, I’ll mention the bazillion different angles they used to saw only one scene!
      But all in all as we said an enjoyable watch!


  3. I was wondering where you went!!
    I’m glad you are back….and I love that you always see the positive things in a drama…..Heirs was not a very good show by any means but still it did certain things right….overall an entertaining ride!


    1. An entertaining ride ideed.. It had its flaws but it had its good moments too..
      And it is true that I always try to look on the bright side of things, which occasionally can be a bad thing to do.. But I guess this is me.. 🙂


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