Summer Reads 2015 |The Crime Edition

I’ll be writing some posts of the books I read this summer because unfortunately I wasn’t able to do so earlier. In this post I’ve summed up the crime/mystery books I read. I’m a big fan of these kind of novels and they are perfect summer reads too!


The Shape of Water by Andrea Camilleri

This is actually the first book in my favourite Montalbano series and it definitely feels like a first one. We are introduced to some of our favourite characters but it was a bit weird to read about them when I already felt like I know them, having read later books in the series. I enjoyed it, of course, and was glad to see how everything started but the characters and books get better and better as the series progresses.

Rating 4/5

The Vanished Ones by Donato Carrisi

It was a 500-600 hundred paged book and I read it in two days! A very gripping thriller/mystery story that had me guessing and waiting and overall I couldn’t put it down! There is a previous book with the same characters and there were aspects of the characters’ background stories that I would have understood better if I had read the first book but it didn’t took anything out from my enjoyment.

Rating 4/5

The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo

The third book in the Harry Hole series and the second one I’ve read. Even though the first one, The Bat, was for me just ok, I’ve decided to give Jo Nesbo’s books another try since everyone said that they get better and better and I’m glad I did. This one is an improvement of the first one. It provides a solid mystery and an interesting background story. I enjoyed the parts that were set in the present more but I also appreciated the ones that were set in the past because I learnt a part of the history of World War II that I wasn’t aware of. So I will be continuing with mr Hole’s stories.

Rating 4/5


The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, Tears of the Giraffe, Morality for Beautiful Girls by Alexander McCall Smith

Technically these aren’t crime stories. And they are only loosely mystery stories. But each story has a mystery that needs to be solved so I’m counting them for this post! I’ve read the first three books in The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series while I was working and they kept me such great company. I think that they were the first books that I’ve read that took place in a country in Africa and I was very excited while I was learning all sorts of bits of Botswana’s history and the country itself. I loved the characters and the simplicity of the language. I felt comfortable and cozy while I was reading them like visiting an old friend. I will definitely be continuing with the rest of the series and I highly recommend everyone to pick these books up! Ohh and can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful these covers are?

Rating 4/5

(book pictures found on goodreads, header image found here xx)


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