She Was Pretty | Ep1-4 | First Impressions

After watching Hyde, Jekyll, Me (review to come soon!) I was out of my drama slump in a matter of minutes so I’ve started watching She Was Pretty, a drama that I had heard about and was eager to start. And I’m so happy I did. I’m not gonna say that I love it yet, because come on we’re only 4 episodes in, but it feels like love, I’m not gonna lie!
The story revolves around Kim Hye Jin, an ugly duckling, and Ji Sung Joon, a now beautiful but quite cold man. They used to know each other as kids and they were actually each other’s first love. Now they meet again and this is how our story unfolds.

The Pros

– Our main heroine. I adore her. I just do! She is so sweet, bubbly, hard-working and eager to learn and live. I feel for her and I understand her. She feels insecure and wronged but she still tries her best. She is the best.

– Women’s friendship. Ohh how rare it is to find solid friendships between women in dramaland. It makes you appreciate them even more when you finally find them. Kim Hye Jin and Min Ha Ri are best friends, they are there for each other, they’re each other’s person. They’re that one person that you always turn to. And they are seriously so much fun to watch!



– The second-lead characters are also quite solid. I’m pleasantly surprised also by the portrayal by Koh Joon Hee and Choi Siwon. Choi Siwon, I had previously seen him in Oh My Lady but wasn’t impressed with his acting abilities, but here thanks to his adorable character he finally shines.

– As far as the romantic aspect of the story goes, I like it so far. We get some glimpses of the past and how our two main characters met and it sets a nice mood of what hopefully we’ll see later on as the story progresses. Even though so far our male lead has a false idea of who his Kim Hye Jin is, I’m hopeful that in the future we’ll get a nice romance.

– Last but definitely not least another point that I wanted to point out is that I enjoy how the whole theme of the “Ugly duckling” is handled so far. Kim Hye Jin is girl who is insecure not so much about her appearance but for the way her life has turned out to be. By that I mean that she feels that she should have accompliced more by now but because of the way appearance plays such a big role in today’s society she hasn’t. It is a reality that most of us are familiar with. It is more difficult to find a job if you’re a woman, or you’re of a certain age etc. And it is refreshing to see a drama that points out this aspect of modern society.

The Cons

– I’m not the biggest fan of the way our male lead treats his team and also our heroine. I know that deep down he is a good and warm person, since we’ve seen him as a kid, but unfortunately as a grown man he isn’t acting all that great. Maybe something has happened but really is that a good enough reason to justify the way he is treating everyone around him? Hopefully he will redeem himself.


– I’m also not the biggest fan of having Min Ha Ri imposing as Kim Hye Jin. I never rally liked that drama trope but I can understand that it is just a mechanism for our story to progress.

All in all a great start of a show. We get solid performances from all the actors and a nice story to follow. Thrown in there some interesting points about society and humans’ emotions, I think we have a good case. Excited to see more.


(feature picture from KDramaStars, rest from: dramabeans)


3 thoughts on “She Was Pretty | Ep1-4 | First Impressions

  1. The main lead is rude, but he has some things that show he has kept, the cute little fat boy. Like the incident in the elevator, well like the main heroine, he has changed too. Although Kim Hye Jin’s character is the same. I hope the whole Min Ha Ri pretending and lying to both of them ends soon.


    1. Yes definitely he still has a warm side like when he was a kid. Everyone change as they get older but hopefully from now on we get to see more of his warm side!
      As for Ha Ri pretending and lying yes I can do without that. Hopefully, again, soon!

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