The Heirs | Ep 9-12 | Thoughts

I am so behind in my posts and in my catching up in general and the only thing I can do is to laugh it off because I don’t even want to think about it. So because 4 episodes are quite a lot to cover in a single post I thought to write about some of the characters and what changed with them.

Kim Tan

As I have said before I really like his character. In these episodes he started taking action. From fighting with Young Do to making Young Do’s position even harder by talking to Young Do’s father, from pursuing Eun Sang to finally really stop and give some thought to the things she says and giving her a little space even for a little while, and finally from talking to Young Do and explaining that their “war” has no real reason to exist when the only one who is loosing is Young Do to taking one of the biggest steps he has to take by admitting that he is an illegitimate son and breaking off the engagement , he has come long way in my opinion. It was about time for him to make some decisions and start doing things instead of thinking about making things.


Favourite scenes that his character shined 

– When he went and talked to Young Do’s father.

– Episode 10 the scene at the cellar with Eun Sang, where he said that he showed courage for her and that he thought she was a good dream but it seems that she is a bad one after all.

– When he sits on the bus stop listening to Hyun Joo basically telling him that his brother cares about him.

– On the golf course where he talks to Young Do telling him that he has bigger wars to fight than the one between them.

– On the dinner where holding his mother’s hand admits who his real mother is.

– The very last scene of episode 12 when he just looks at Eun Sang and tears start falling. The understanding and relief in seeing her. In seeing someone who understands him and has a way of making him feel like he can breathe again.

Cha Eun Sang

I think that these episodes did good to Eun Sang’s character. I’m not talking if they made her more happy, because they didn’t, but they gave her the chance to stand up for herself, to take initiative, and even for a little bit to do what she wanted to do. I found that she is really the only one who sees though the two boys,  who understands how lonely they are. But on the other hand she knows that she shouldn’t be their first priority if they want to “protect” someone, they should first protect themselves, as she said to Tan too.


Favourite scenes that her character shined

– After the rooftop kiss when Young Do grabs her hand, she just yanks it free. First sign that she probably had enough.

– In episode 9, when she lets Tan’s hand and tells him she likes him but she won’t be at the end of the road. That he needs to protect himself first and not her.

– When she stands at the bottom of the stairs afraid to follow Tan. And then again outside his room. But despite her fear still going.

– When at the camp she calls Tan and then, despite what she has said about them not being able to be together, spending the night together and she’s all happy and adorable.

– When after madam Han finds her with Tan, she goes to her mom and cries in her embrace telling her she is sorry.

– The very last scene of episode 12 for reasons I mentioned above.

Choi Young Do 

Choi Young Do. I have a love-hate relationship with this character. On one hand I still find him crazy and not excusable despite being so damaged by his father and on the other hand when I see his hurt expressions I want to get inside the screen and hug him. He is experiencing his first love and his first heartbreak, and hopefully he will understand after hearing Tan’s words that the problem in his life is his father and the fact that he misplaces his anger and problems and starts doing something about that. As Tan does in episode 12.


Favourite scenes that his character shined 

– When his father slaps him.

– When he talks with Eun Sang after he has met her mother.

– In general all the scenes where he is with Eun Sang. They really  have great chemistry, not romantically speaking, acting wise I mean. His expressions are priceless. The look of surprise, hurt, realization.

Three more things that I want to mention. The whole scene in episode 12 with Tan and his mother and the humiliation and fear that she was feeling were really powerful. He finally steps up and the main reason was the fact that he could’t stand to see his mother treated like that. There is no use in living hidden and not allowed to call your own son, son. I’m really interesting to see what’s gonna happen after the way things have turned out.


The second one has to do with Won. As I have said he and Tan have many things in common.From the way their father mistreat them, manipulates them and controls their lives to the girls they chose to love, they have so many things that could bring them closer. But it’s the decisions and the choices that make us who we are. And in that area they couldn’t be more different. Won is afraid to step up, unable to make the right decision and inevitably be exactly what his father expects him to be. Tan on the other hand was lucky enough to not fall into the same trap. He speaks up and finds the courage to dream of a life that he is the master of and not his father. I hope Won will open his eyes and get past his issues and team up with Tan. Because I really want to see the two brothers having a healthy relationship and because together can make a difference.

The last one is that I feel like something bad is coming our way. I just have this intuition. It’s Hyo Shin’s character that makes me uneasy. I really like his character in general and I was pleasantly surprised to see his friendship with Tan in these episodes. I see him like the narrator of a story. Like in books were the writer isn’t part of the story and knows everything. He is the outside person who watches all and I can see that he has some big plans that will sake everyone’s lives. I just hope that these plans are not a repetition of the(his) past.

Overall I have really enjoyed these episodes and I’m not getting the least bored. I know that people found some of the things that happened repetitive which usually makes a drama boring. I understand these thoughts but at least I didn’t get bored. I really like the main characters and I’m invested in their stories and I want them to end up happy and more free. Let’s see what happens next.


(pictures credit Dramabeans and feature picture from Scattered Joonni)


6 thoughts on “The Heirs | Ep 9-12 | Thoughts

  1. Ooh that is so true that Hyo Shin is like the narrator of the whole story, he sees all but is not himself fully involved in the story! So if it was a book it would be written by him!! What a cool idea!
    Also it just occurred to me that in many ways Young-do is like a failed version of what Tan could have become. They started in the same place, as bullies with serious father issues and misplaced anger, except that Tan had compassion and empathy and so slowly he grew and changed whilst Young-do remained the same.
    Until now of course, where we are also starting to see changes in him too!!


    1. Happy to see someone finding my idea cool!
      And what a great thought that was. It definitely makes sense. If Tan had stayed he probably would have ended being like Young Do. But he left, and was able to see things from outside their bubble world.
      Hopefully Young Do will start realising some things and change little by little as he has already started doing.. 🙂


  2. Great post….I loved so many things this week: Tan-ES’ funny as well as romantic scenes, I’m so loving Tan-Hyo Shin scenes, Tan’s declaration in the last scene and Tan-Hyun joo’s talk… good…
    Also, Tan-his mom’s scene was so good!!


    1. Yes yes so many great scenes..
      I also really love Tan and Hyo Shin’s scenes. It was a pleasant surprise to see those two together and actuallt seeing Tan having at least one true friend..
      And I’m loving Hyo Shin’s character in general..
      I want to see more of him.. 🙂


  3. Tan at the end was really sweet because it was like, when he’s totally down and depressed, it was Eun Sang he needed to see. And seeing him in very clear pain just triggered a response in her and she starts crying as well? So cute.


    1. When at the end Eun Sang turns and sees him, my first thought was- He is in so much pain and you can tell just by looking in his eyes..
      Lee Min Ho did a great job here..
      And Eun Sang just gets him. She understands how he must be feeling and because she likes him and cares about him, seeing his pain made her cry as well.
      Such an amazing scene.. 🙂


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