Currently Watching | Rambling Be aware!

I’m done with my finals and I’ve spent the first two days of my freedom organizing my computer, buying books and catching up with my dramas. Ohh life seems so much sweeter right now! Haha. I thought since this is my first post since the new year started to make it about what I’m currently watching, to put some organization into my drama watching life … Continue reading Currently Watching | Rambling Be aware!

Quote of the Day

Even so, it’s fine to be deluded sometimes. … There’s no need to force the harsh truth onto a small bit of happiness.  Sometimes you need an illusion to be happy. … An illusion is short but a misunderstanding lasts a long time. That’s why illusions offer freedom while misunderstandings chain you down.  Reply 1988, Ep 2 (picture credit: Alley – 路地裏 by Shoji Kawabata. a.k.a. … Continue reading Quote of the Day