Oh My Venus | Ep 3-6| Thoughts

I’m back! I intended to write a couple of posts the previous weekend but unfortunately life had other plans for me. Thursday night I started having neck problems and by Friday morning I was hurting so bad and couldn;t evn lift my arm. The verdickt was 2 different pills, 3 times a day, wearing my medical neck collar all the time and having my mom help me to sit up and lye on bed. Thankfully I’m feeling quite better now and I can write a few words about the latest episodes of Oh My Venus. Before I go on I just want to mention that all these days I was lying in bed unable to do anything really I pretty much marathoned the drama Miseang. I have 2 and a half episodes in order to finish it and I’m loving it so so much. A new favourite dare to say! I’m gonna try to write in the near future a post about it. But for now lets continue with with Oh My Venus.

The first two episodes were ver introductory and I’m glad we have left them behind and the story has progressed a littles bit. So Joo Eun knows who the real John Kim is, she has started training with him, she continues to face some situations that she needs to be saved, literary and metaphorically, and the first signs of attraction between out main couple have started to show.


– Joo Eun and Young Ho when they are together. Oh my God they are adorable and I love them together! They have started learning a little bit more for each other, he is training her, she can understand his softer side and he starts to see her real beauty in her. The chemistry continues to be solid and in general I’m very happy with this couple. Some moments that have stayed with me are the videos that Joo Eun send him with her exersising, their fist kiss, and all the times Young Ho just looks at her, studying her and being mesmerized by her.


– Joo Eun and her boys! When they are all together all I can think about is how funny and adorable their interactions are. A bond has started to form between them and it feels like a breeze of fresh air when they are all interacting together. Moments that have stayed with me were when they all went to Joo Eun’s house to throw away any junk food etc, the way the agreed to spend a day like they’re living her life, the restaurant scene and every time Ji Woong says “ma’am”. Cute!!


– Character development. I’m really enjoying how we het to learn more about Young Ho’s past, what he’s been through, and the fact thea he isn’t as strong as he lets other see him.

Not Enjoyed

– How many times will need Joo Eun to be saved? At some point I found it a bit too much. I understand that some things, like the stalker incident, helped in order for the story to progress but I couldn’t help not cringe and roll my eyes when the theme of saving arose once again.

– All the back stories with Young Ho’s family. I don’t care about the politics, about rich chaebols and everything in between. I didnt’t like them in the first episodes and I still don’t.

– Lastly can I just whine about the second female and male leads? Especially Soo Jin. I just don’t like her. I understand and care about the fact that she is clearly a person that suffers from an inferiority complex but is that enough to justify some of her actions? I don’t think so.

All in all I’m still enjoying the drama. I have to admit that I’m mainly watching it for our man couple because they give me all the feels. It feels like a drama that you only care about the main couple and you just want them to be ok in the end. Let’s see what the story brings us next!

(pictures credit: dramabeans.com)


3 thoughts on “Oh My Venus | Ep 3-6| Thoughts

  1. I’m gonna start this in a couple weeks when I can watch it in a shorter time span, but I like what I’m hearing so far.

    I also really need to get around to watching Misaeng! At least I’m not the only person who hadn’t seen it yet, lol

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    1. It’s worth giving it a try! I think its main positive aspect is the chemistry betweneen the main couple. I just adore them together!
      As for Misaeng, I started watching it by accident really, I hadn’t heard of it before, but it is serioursly one of the bests out there. 🙂

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