Reply 1988 | Ep 1-4 | First Impressions

Another year, another installment of the successful Reply/Answer Me series. They are well-loved in dramaland and not without reason. They are funny, warm and their portrayal of friendship and the characters’ coming of age stories always manage to pull our heartstrings. Personally I have watched the first installment, Reply 1997, and half of the second one, Reply 1994. The second one I didnt’t stop watching it because I didnt’t like it, it was mostly that I was going through my drama slump so… But I was a bit cheeky and did read with whom she ends up with. I do intend in the future to finish it but right now there are other dramas that need to be prioritized, such as the current Reply installment, Reply 1998.

The scenario has changed a bit but it still holds its original themes and patrons. We are in the year 1988, the year that Korea hosted the Olympics, the year of the walkmans and the year that crazy hair and make-up were considered cool. There is no cell phones and no internet of course! Our group of friends, childhood friends consisting of one girl and four boys, have grown up in the same street, are now on their last years of high school , and the story revolves around them and their families.

The Pros

– The characters of course. Each one with their unique quirks, feelings and stories we get a whole range of different people who all together form a great and interesting group of friends.


– The friendship of course! Isn’t it great when you know there are people who are going to be there for you no matter what? No matter how much you bicker with each other true friends are always true to your friendship. Like when they all visited Taek after he lost in his game. Or when the boys showed up for Duk Sun’s school competition. Or just in general the feeling we get when they are all together having fun that screams comfort and affections and friendship.

– I liked how this time around the story focuses on the parents stories too instead of only on the kids. Financial problems, being rich, marriage crisis, family relationships and everything in between play a major role this time around. It is very interesting seeing how everything unfolds and how the characters react to different situations and feelings.


– Last but definitely not least I really enjoy how the romantic aspect of the story slowly unfolds. So far it’s not the main focus of the story which is good. We see the first signs of first love and I’m waiting eagerly to see how things will turn out to be. We’ll definitely have some heart breaks but I’m sure that in the end everything will turn out to be ok. If I had to bet I would bet that Jung Hwan is the husband and I’m not complaining in the least!


The Cons 

– Every time with the Reply series I try to find something that I don’t like and every time I can’t. So none so far!

All in all a great start. I am a sucker for these kind of stories, the ones that shows us a fragment of people’s lives so I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

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