She Was Pretty | Ep 12-16 | Final Thoughts

I got my tea on one side, I’ve put a playlist with some of my favourite songs on and I’m ready to write my final thoughts about She Was Pretty. I’m late and that’s because I had exams last week in uni but now I have a little bit of free time and I’ve decided this drama deserves some of it! So I’m gonna keep it short and sweet, just like the drama was!

First let’s get the cons out-of-the-way. The last episodes were slower and nothing much happened when compared with the previous ones. That is a fact and no one can really argue with that. Does that mean that the episodes weren’t enjoyable? No it doesn’t! But truth remains that the story felt like it wrapped up a bit faster than it could have. I always understand when dramas are stretching out stories. There this unmistakable sign! They keep doing these “flashbacks” when the heroes remember or reminiscence of something. I have noticed that in dramas that get an expansion. Well, they have to fill somehow this extra time, haven’t they? So I guess apart form that I don’t have to say something more about the last episodes. It also felt a bit odd that Sung Joon wanting to wait to make his proposal to Hye Jin, when he actually was telling her that he is going to propose to her but all in all it did made sense that he wanted to wait for that moment that he would feel at his best.

Now as far as the pros go there were quite a lot. Starting from the small ones like the “solving” of the “mysteries” of who TEN and the inheritor of MOST is I found myself been pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I thought that Shin Hyuk would be the inheritor and TEN but instead I was only half correct! It was really a sweet little surprise.

As for Shin Hyuk’s character, please allow me to rumble a little bit more. I adrooore him! Who doesn’t though huh? So sweet and I felt really sad when he left and everything. And when his new book was dedicated to Jackson, I might have teared up a little bit. But I’m now agreeing with the writers that Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin are better off as friends. Real friendships are hard but wonderful and it’s always nice when we come across some good ones in dramaland.

Which brings me to my next point which is Hye Jin and Ha Ri’s friendship. I’m gonna say it again but what a great friendship that was. What I like the most is how comfortable they were with each other and how greatly they thought of their friendship. Finally we see a friendship that is equally important as the romantic relationship in a drama. In real life isn’t it like that? Friends are the ones that are always there beside you no matter what. As they say “boys come and go but true friends stay”.

And now we have Hye Jin and Sung Joon. They were adorable in the last episodes. It is difficult to find someone, your someone in this world. But they did and it’s so great. They both handled this relationship like adults, which is also difficult to come across in dramaland’s romantic comedies. But what I liked most about those two was that they allowed the other person to have their own space, to have time for themselves, to do the things they want to do, to accomplice the things they dreamed of. And this is what differentiates this drama from many others. Our heroes understand that the other person is not only a person in a relationship but also a whole person on their own. A person with dreams and ambitions.

Which brings me to my last point on this drama and the most important, I think. And that is the overall message of the show which can be summarized by Hye Jin’s words on the last episode (I’ve written a Quote of the Day post if you’re interested in the exact words here). Essentially Hye Jin was a woman who had dreams when she was younger, like all of us, but she couldn’t fulfill them as she was getting older. She started feeling like she wasn’t worth it, she felt insecure and that she wasn’t gonna be successful etc. And I think that many people feel like that when they’re getting older and taking their first steps as adults. Life is hard enough and it’s easy for someone to start believing that they can’t make it. It is getting easier for them to start feeling that they won’t make it so what’s the point of trying in general really? But truth is that often you can make it. If we just start believing in ourselves a little bit more things might not seem so dull and intimidating and might actually start working out. Personally I still have way to go in order to feel this way but so do so many other people and that actually makes me feel better, knowing that I’m not the only one.

So to conclude my thoughts on She Was Pretty I want to say that this drama definitely was worth my time and I would highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t yet. It has its cute and funny moments, it proves that great friendships do exist and teaches that  you don’t need the perfect hair, or nice clothes or anything fancy to win in life, only to believe in yourself.

Rating 5/5

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4 thoughts on “She Was Pretty | Ep 12-16 | Final Thoughts

  1. I still haven’t watched the two last episodes and I don’t have the urge, if this is the right word to do it. I loved the first episodes but it seemed like the last episodes, were fillers.


    1. Essentially they were fillers. I liked them mainly for Hye Jin’s storyline and the way things wrapped up for her. Pluse they had some cute moments! If you have seen most of the previous ones I would suggest that you watch them just so you can get an overall feeling of the drama.. But I also believe that they could have find one or two elements to throw in the story to make it more interesting in the last episodes.. 🙂

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