She Was Pretty | Ep 10&11| Thoughts

I’m gonna admit that I’m trying to squeeze k-drama here and there in my life because honestly I have way too much stuff that I need to do and unfortunately k-drama isn’t considered a priority (it should be though, shouldn’t it?!). Anyway let’s get started with this week’s episodes of our beloved She Was Pretty drama.

Honestly if I could say only one thing is that the writers do all the right things so far. Well mostly, like 90% of them. It’s crazy! It feels like they read what we say here on the Internets and just grant all our wishes! Isn’t it amazing? So the plot in these two episodes progresses, the truth has been revealed and we are left with all the feels!

Sung Joon finally finds the truth but not before he realises his true feelings towards Hye Jin. Isn’t it great that he confesses before he finds  out who the real Hye Jin is? It’s what we all wanted really. Him to like her for who she is right now and not only for who she was in the past. And he is so straightforward with his feelings and what he wants that the only thing I can do is admire him. Not to mention how cute and adorable he can be!


But of course Sung Joon isn’t the only one that confesses his feelings. Shin Hyuk is too. And my heart breaks a little bit when he asks Hye Jin to not go. I adore him. I find him such a great and mature (yes!) person that it just breaks me to see him so broken and so unlike himself. I’m not 100% sure that I like his decision to leave the magazine but I hold back because I know that there is more to this aspect of the story than we know so far.

As for Mi Ha. Again on one hand I completely disagreed with her actions, mainly towards Hye Jin and their friendship but on the other hand it also pains me to see her feeling so sad. She is not perfect but really nobody is and she is just a real person, who developes feelings, who feels confused, who is hurt by her past and who just wants a chance in love. A love not only by a man but in the sense of someone who cares about the real her.


I don’t wanna say a lot more so I’m gonna end it with a couple of thoughts about Hye Jin. The truth is out and she is left with having to deal with everyone and also her own feelings. I’m not gonna lie in episode 11 I thought “please don’t be the noble idiot!” but right now thinking about it again, I understand more her decision to not completely give in to her feelings towards Sung Joon because she cares about her best friend and how she would react. It is frustrating to see her acting like that but friendship, and such strong friendship like the one between Hye Jin and Mi Ha, is equally important for me as a relationship with your man. And it felt really fresh that Hye Jin run to the airport for her friend and not for a man.


Overall they were episodes with turning points and filled with a lot of great moments, a lot them were also funny, and emotions but I don’t wanna say more mostly because I found the episodes quite perfect actually so yeah. I don’t wanna add anything, I think the story and the way that it is written speaks more and speaks for itself.

Can’t wait for next week even though my exam week is getting closer too! Fighting!

(pictures credit HanCinema)


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