She Was Pretty | Episode 9 | Thoughts

It’s been a crazy day today, let me tell you! I had to send an assignment for uni and I tought that I had one more day before I had to send it and I was trying to finish it like there was no tomorrow and finally now I finished and have some time in my hands to write a short post for this week’s She Was Pretty episode. I didn’t know we were only going to get one episode this week. I waw really disappointed when I found out because you know I have all those feels about this drama! Anyway let’s not ramble more and just go ahead and say a few things about the episode.

Even though we only got one episode, it was nevertheless a beefy one. Lots are happening and I’m glad to announce that I really like how things are turning out.

First things first Hye Jin’s makeover. So glad with the way it was done. They really showed us that it was done for the right reasons. She wanted a fresh start and she did it for her and only her. Also I liked the fact that the others didn’t react too much on her makeover which is a nice change from what we’ve seen on other dramas and movies. Plus we also see that she finally she is changing professionally too. It takes guts to make the next step and start doing something that you love even when you feel you’re gonna fail. And that is one of the reasons why I find Hye Jin’s character such a great one.


But what’s also changing apart from Hye Jin’s appearance is also the relationship she has with Sung Joon. He continues to be polite and respectful and considerate and we now start feeling like something is really changing in him. Hye is now kind of his secret partner in the company, the one that understands him and knows what is really happening with the magazine. But more importantly it is the memories of small things that they share that makes him better and stronger. The onion, the calm moments on the beach,  when she protected him in the rain. Slowly all these add up and help him overcome his fears. It was very symbolic for me that he was able to drive in the rain and not fear, while and because he was thinking of her.

In general I really like them together, I think they make such an interesting and sweet couple and I’m just waiting for them to spend more time together now, and not in the past. Of course I want Sung Joon to make his confession before he finds out that she is his Hye Jin and I think that he will. It’s just gonna show that he truly has feeling for her and it’s not just the past the makes him mistake his own feelings.

And with that I’m coming to my next point which is about Shin Hyuk. I still adore him. I still believe that he is a wonderful human being that if he existed in real life I would like to meet him and spend time with him. But I have to admit that it is better if he stays friends with Hye Jin. They make such a great duo and I would hate to see them, I don’t know, fall apart or something. I understand that his circle with his feelings towards Hye Jin hasn’t closed yet but all I want in the end is for his character to end up happy and complete. Also side note we all know that its him that is this secret inheritor or something right? I want to know more on this matter!

Suming them all up, adding in the mix that I’m a bit concerned about Ha Ri but also glad that she finally realised that the way she was behaving towards her friend was not the best, I have to say that I’m still loving every single second of this drama. Can’t wait for next week!


Ps: Just because I’m from Greece I wanted to give a little cheer to the writers for using something from the greek mythology and tying it up so beautifully with the story. Woop Woop!!

(pictures credit: and here xx)


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