She Was Pretty | Ep 5-8 | Thoughts

Are we warming up towards Ji Sung Joon?

Are we all falling for Kim Shin Hyuk?


Is Min Ha Ri really going to be like that? I mean seriously?

Do we really want a makeover? Really though?

Are the writers gonna ruin the best part of this story a.k.a. Hye Jin’s and Ha Ri’s friendship? ARE THEY FREAKING CRAZY??

These and others questions arouse while I was catching up with She Was Pretty. I want to say so many things but at the same time unfortunately I’m a bit sort on time. Well, I’m gonna try to make the best of this post nevertheless!

Let’s start off with the bad ones a.k.a. Ha Ri. Well…What can I say? I mean I liked her. I did! She was one badass lady. And then she goes and lies to Sung Joon and Hye Jin but most importantly she doesn’t respect the friendship she had with Hye Jin. On one hand I understand that men haven’t treated her well and didn’t appreciate her for who she is but for how she looked liked. And I can also understand that she is sad and lonely and Sung Joon was nice to her and kept her company. But all these don;t justify her actions. I really hope this ends well but I’m disappointed in her. It pains me to say but I am.

Let’s continue with our main “couple”- Sung Joon and Hye Jin. I really liked how they finally started interacting like normal people, how they spend some real-time together, how they opened up to one another and how we got to see that despite how much they have changed throughout the years they still maintain that warm, sweet side they used to have as kids.


Specifically for Sung Joon, it’s very interesting and quite thought-provoking I would say to see how he reacts to the changing situations. What is it that he feels for Hye Jin? It’s not love, not yet at least. Is it that he is just caught up in his (their) past, a past which was safe and happy, and he still looks for that in his current relationship with Hye Jin? I feel like that is the main reason he looked for her and the main reason why he continues to spend time with her, despite the fact that he feels that is something is off with her now. Also did he realise that his real Hye Jin is our Hye Jin? He saw so many signs but I haven’t understood if he now knows the truth.

As for Hye Jin, what is that she looks to find or to gain from her relationship with Sung Joon? It’s not love yet here too so what is it? I think that, right now, she is just concerned for her childhood friend and she tries to take care of him in honor of their past friendship. Obviously she is confused as to what it is that she’s actually feeling but I’m guessing the next episodes will touch heavily on this matter.


But I wanna point out one more thing about their relationship. As I said in my previous post I liked that they have a past. I still do, to be honest. But there comes a point that I start feeling that they are so stuck in the past that they forget they live in the present. I just wanna ramble a little bit about this topic. Should people try to relive their past? Should people forget about the past entirely and think only for the present? The people we liked in the past do we continue liking them now no matter what they’ve become? And can we ever really escape our past? Is it that difficult or that easy? I now I;m just rambling here but sometimes I get frustrated that they are so caught up in the past that they forget about the present.

And then let’s talk about Shin Hyuk. Has he turned out to be the most mature and likeable character of the whole show? Hasn’t he? I hadn’t had the second male syndrome feels for so- oh so long time and now they hit me hard. He is sweet, funny, reliable and, above all, he likes Hye Jin for who she really is. For who she is right now. Not what she was or how someone would like her to be or look. And for me this is what makes this character so special and so likeable. He is living in the now and he is honest and forward and when he realises his feelings he just…admits them! I mean, shouldn’t it be that way most of the times? I know that he won;t end up with our heroine and maybe it’s ok because they are such cute friends and they can also give off these brother-and-sister feelings but just once I would like to see a second male lead win the girl. Just for the sake of it!


Two more final points before I wrap this post up. Firstly a quick mention on the makeover. I’m not sure if I like the idea of it. I mean yes Sung Joon has started liking Hye JIn despite what she looks like, which (side note) it’s not bad at all. I mean let’s be honest here, she just doesn’t style her hair and her freckles are cute. These don’t make someone ugly or something. Anyway. My point is if the makeover is done for the right reasons, meaning if it is done from her for herself because she just wants a change or because she is tired of people not taking her seriously or not paying attention to her because of her looks then by all means I’m behind this idea. But if it is done because she feels that by this way she will get a man’s attention then thank you very much but I don;t want the makeover!

Finally my last point is about Hye Jin and her job and her attitude towards working in general. It is something that it isn’t so talked about but I think it deserves to be acknowledged. It is admirable how she likes working, how she tries her best and how she feels happy and a part of her feels complete when she finally is acknowledged for her efforts. When we talk about the friendship or the romance in dramas we tend to forget that most of the time is the evolving of the characters and how they overcome their fears and insecurities that is more important. And in this drama I feel like Hye Jin;s evolving is the most special aspect of the story and one that need to be have more of our attention.


It turns out that I had way to much to say and I rambled way too much too. Not my most thoughtful post but at least one that I was able to express all my thoughts I had in my head! In my previous post I wrote that this drama felt like love and to tell you the truth I truly and wholeheartedly like this drama. It has the right amounts of fun and heart. It manages to keep me both entertained and invested in the character’s lives so I can’t wait to see how the story will unfold from this point and on.

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3 thoughts on “She Was Pretty | Ep 5-8 | Thoughts

  1. I have all the same questions and I loved how you pointed out that the writers have ruined the best part of the story, Hye Jin’s and Ha Ri’s friendship. Min Ha Ri is out for me, δεν υπάρχει πια εξιλέωση, Χρειαζόμαστε απαντήσειιιιιιις


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