March Reads | 2015

A bit late this month comes my March wrap-up. March was a “packed” month, meaning that I didn’t have much free time. I started german lessons and I had a full three-day conference thing and throughout the month I was pre-occupied with writing and updating my CV and sending CVs out and going to interviews and all that stressful jazz. Add trying to balance my personal life was just an all over the place month.
Nevertheless I managed to finish three books which is an ok number I guess. I did started reading two more books but I haven’t finished them but it is my goal to finish them before the end of April. Onto the books now!

1. Cress by Marissa Meyer


The third book in The Lunar Chronicles was an enjoyable read. As with the previous books in the series I found that the book was longer than it could have been and a bit predictable. In this one I really liked our character Cress and her part of the story. It was one of the most interesting elements getting a glimpse of her life before and after landing on earth. The story moves forward but with a very slow pace. So far the whole series is enjoyable but just that. It still hasn’t given a climax of some sort and I’m hoping that the fourth book, Winter, will.

Rating: 3,5 stars

                                                                                 2. The Four Lives of the Willow by Shan Sa


This is a peculiar one because as far as my research went I haven’t found an english translation. The title I used is taken from the author’s Wikipedia page. I read it in greek, translated from the original french.The story takes place through four different historical periods of China. “Officially” it’s the story of two people who through reincarnation find and loose each other. But really the story is about China itself. It’s a simple story, very poetically written and what I liked the most was the glimpses of everyday life in these different periods of China’s history.

Rating: 3 stars

3. Miss Brill by Katherine Mansfield


In order to celebrate its 80th year anniversary Penguin realised 80 little books with classic stories in them. Some of them are short stories, some poetry, some extracts for lengthier classic stories. Because they were cheap I picked up 4 of them and one of them was this little gem. It has three short stories in it and all of them were really good. The stories are about vanity, loneliness and the small things that happen and have a huge impact in our lives. This book for me was a four star read but in the end I gave it five stars. The golden ticket, yes! And that, because of one of the stories- “Miss Brill”. It was a heartbreaking story only a couple of pages long. Our protagonist, you don’t know if you particularly like her but it’s the way she sees the world around her, it’s this underlying loneliness, it’s the heartwrenching last paragraphs that had me in tears when I finished reading. It’s the fact that I recognised a little part of me in Miss Brill. If I could make you read one thing from what I’ve read so far this year, it would be this.

Rating: 5 stars

(pictures found on goodreads, feature image here xx)


5 thoughts on “March Reads | 2015

    1. At the beginning I was really impresed, I loved reading about thw world how everything worked but I do believe the books could have been shorter. But they do deserve a chance because they are quite enjoyable!

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