Currently Watching | Non-Asian TV Series

Lately I am watching a lot of non asian tv series. I went through a phase where I didn’t really watch anything non asian but lately that is not the case. I have watched so many series over the years, I have re-watched some of them more times than I can count, I have dropped a lot of them also, I haven’t completed or just plain watched sporadically so many and I can honestly say that I just adore non asian series as much as I adore my asian dramas.

So I thought that I would write a post about what I’m currently watching or just recently finished.

1. The Big Bang Theory 


Who doesn’t watch this series is the question! Well ok I know a lot of people who don’t but still… Currently season 8 airs and I’m keeping up with it. It’s funny, it’s cute and I love how it embraces the whole “nerd” culture. I love how it shows that being a nerd is a totally awesome thing to be. Smart, funny and quirky characters make this series worth watching. The only downside is that 20 minutes per episode is just not enough!

2. 2 Broke Girls


If you need a good laugh then this is definitely the show for you. I’m keeping up with the currently airing episodes of season 4 and as with The Big Bang Theory 20 minutes are not enough. Seasons 2 and 3 were seriously so so so freaking funny I can’t even begin to explain. I was laughing out loud with every episode. I love our two protagonists that just compliment each other in so many ways as well as the rest of the characters that are so weird and adorable.

3. Girls


Another one that I’m keeping up with while it’s airing. I remember that I started this because it said that it was like a more realistic Sex and the City for women in their 20s and I love love lοοove Sex and the City and I am in my 20s so it seemed like the perfect combination. It doesn’t really remind me of sex and the city but I still enjoy watching it. A friend of mine said that it feels real and if we were living in New York that’s probably how things would be. I’m still not sure but I keep watching!

4. True Detective 


I just finished this one 2 days ago. My boyfriend wanted to start a series that we would watch together and we’ve picked this one and, well, what a great choice it was! I can now see why everyone praised this series. A gripping mystery, amazing solid performances, beautifully shot and above all a thought-provoking story that touches issues about family, the human character, society, religion and so much more.

5. American Horror Story


So after we finished True Detective we decided to start another series and started watching the third season of American Horror Story. I haven’t watched the previous seasons, my boyfriend has, but I will watch them, definitely. We’ve only watched 3 episodes so far but I’m really liking it. So many “What just happened??” moments and I love how they shot the scenes from different angles and the creepiness of the story. I can’t wait to continue with the series.

6. Gilmore Girls 


A few years ago I remember this series was airing in a channel here in Greece. I pretty much know what happens but I never watched the series as a whole. So I thought that now was a good time to do so. I’m currently finishing season 4, they’re 7 of them, and I can honestly say that I adore the series. Fast dialogues, so many pop culture references, fully developed characters and above all an honest portrayal of family and human relationships and a healthy portrayal of friendship. What else can anyone ask for really?

They seem quite a lot now that I’m writing about them but it doesn’t feel that way. I’m so happy that I have found series that I’m really enjoying and let’s see how their stories will unfold and what else I’m gonna discover.

(pictures found here x, x, x, x, x, x, feature image found by typing “tv tumblr” on google)


2 thoughts on “Currently Watching | Non-Asian TV Series

  1. You know what ? I’m also going through that phase where I’m returning to non-korean entrainment…there was this time when I started kdramas, when I stopped watching everything else..but now it feels great to watch other things as well!
    I completed Friends, Gossip Girl…watched Suits and recently started The O. C.


    1. Yes tht happened with me too! But right now I’m trying to balance eveything out!
      Friends ia one of my all time favourites, and I’ve watched Gossip Girl although I got bored and skipped almost all episodes in the last season and only cared to found out who the Gossip Girl is…
      As for O.C. it was one of those that I sporadically watched when it was airing here in Greece and Suits, I’ve heard that is really good and there is this really good-looking actor that palys but I never started it.. 🙂

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