Das ist Liebe! | A (very, very, very) belayed Bonus Part

About a year ago I was nominated for a Liebser Award from some lovely bloggers, who I thank a lot. I did some posts where I’ve answered their questions but I didn’t answer missienelly’s questions from the blog Mymyooz. So I thought I would do a very belated post answering these questions!

1. Do you kpop/cpop/twpop/jpop? If yes, share with me few of your favorite singers and/or groups.

I’m not really a fan but I do enjoy the songs that I listen in dramas and movies.

2. What is your current krack drama at the moment?

I’m currently watching only one drama and that is Pinocchio, which is really good so far. My last though krack drama, one that I just had to continue watching, would probably be Thank you.

3. If you can spend a day shopping or grocery shopping with your favorite star, who would it be?

I really don’t know Boy, do I fail these questions or what? Hahah.. Ok I would go with Song Joong Ki because as I’ve said I had read an interview of his and he seemed like a really cool person and I thought it would be nice to spend some time together, chatting and stuff. Also I would like to meet Gong Hyo Jin because as I’ve said a numerous times she is one of my favourite Korean actresses.

4. If you’re given a chance to spend time in a drama set, which drama would it be and why?

I think I’ve answered a similar question but I’m no sure. Anyway right now I’m feeling like I would really like to visit the set of Mary stayed out all Night because even if the drama had its flaws it would be really nice to wander around the streets of Hongdae. Also the house of Go Dok Mi from Flower Boy Next Door. It’s just seems so lovely and cozy.


5. Which 3 drama OST’s did you love? Did you love the drama itself or you just love the OST?

I loved the music they used in 49 Days. I thought it went really well with the story and as I’ve said this is one of my favourite dramas. Also I really liked the main song in Rooftop Prince by ALi. It is one of my favourites. The drama was quite enjoyable too. And lastly the music from It’s Ok That’s Love, I think is really on point. I haven’t finished this one but I’m planning to.

6. Who are the most annoying actors and actresses in dramaland?

I don’t think I have one that I particularly dislike. Yes there were times that I thought the actor/actress was lacking but nothing major to the point I couldn’t for example continue watching the drama. At the top of my head a performance I wasn’t a big fun was by Choi Si Won in Oh! My Lady.

7. Who is the most fashionable k-star/c-star/tw-star/j-star?

No idea!!

8. Name your favorite bromance/sistermance from dramaland.

Favourite sistermance would have to be from the drama The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry. I though the friendship between the women in this one was exceptional. As for bromance I would have to go with Reply 1994. Even though I haven’t finished this one I just adore Samchunpo and Haetae together. They are adorable and they are more adorable when they are together!



9. Name one drama you love to rewatch again and again and again. 

I usually don’t re-watch dramas but one that I’ve re-watched scenes from is You’re Beautiful and also the kissing scene from My name is Kim Sam Soon.

10. If you can marry your bias, who would it be?

Umm I don’t have a bias but If I could marry a character from a drama that would be Enrique Gum from Flower Boy Next door. And here’s why!

(pictures credit: AsianWiki )


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