Serendipity Week | February 1, 2015

It’s well over a year that I did a post like this but today I felt like it so here it goes!

Drama Serendipities

I’ve been slowly started watching Pinocchio these last weeks. I did take a break because we had elections here in Greece and I had to go to my village for a few days to vote but I’m thinking about picking it up again now that I’m back. I quite like it so far. Truthfully what intrigued me in the first place to start this drama was the whole Pinocchio syndrome. In the beginning it is kind of funny but while the story progresses you see how that “syndrome” plays a centric role to the whole story, helping the story to move forward in one way or another. I’m not far into it yet, only on episode 7, but I want to see what will happen next.

It is always interesting to see how people react or how people behave when they are faced with situations that they can’t control, like a syndrome that would deny you to lie if you feel like you need to. I mean, think about it- it’s like someone taking a piece from your own free will, isn’t it? And this is the most interesting part of the whole story for me.


Booktube Serendipities

Fist things first- what is booktube? Well booktube is a community in youtube that consists of people who talk mainly about books. They do book reviews, discussions, hauls and so much more. As a lover of books myself it comes as no surprise that I like watching these kind of videos. So I thought about giving some recommendations about my favourite booktubers.


Mercedes is one of the first booktubers that I’ve discovered and she is still one of my favourites. She reads a variety of books from classics to sci-fi and from graphic novels to Japanese literature. She uploads quite frequently reviews, hauls, wrap-ups and more. She combines giving objective points in her reviews but also talking about how personally the book affected her.

– WordsofaReader

Lesley is again someone who reads a variety of books. From middle-grade books to classics and just general fiction she is one of the most consistent booktubers out there. She gives great reviews that in a few minutes sum up  all you want to know about the book. Also I have to mention that she always has the most gorgeous editions of book out there.


Ashley again reads a variety of books but she focuses more on literary fiction. She creates the most amazing reviews. I’m always struck by her choice of words, the structure of her sentences and how well thought her opinions are. She is also an interesting person and has a quote blog too where she writes quotes from each book she is reading at the time.

Chicken Serendipities

So…..this is a random one but I made a promise that I will mention chickens in one of my posts! So here it is a cute picture of baby chickens!!


( feature header image found and is originally from here Susannah Tucker Photography)


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