Quote of the Day

  I don’t care if people think I’m a freak.  I’m used to it.  What makes me sad is you.  "She’s just a friend."  It’s like you were apologizing.  I don’t wanna be that kind of "friend".  If I was a real friend, you could’ve stood up a little for me.  You could’ve said to … Continue reading Quote of the Day


Song of the Week | Hold Back the River by James Bay

I've been listening to this song non stop for the last couple of weeks. I really like the lyrics and it just makes me wanna dance! (feature picture found here x, and I think is originally from here x)

Currently Watching | Non-Asian TV Series

Lately I am watching a lot of non asian tv series. I went through a phase where I didn't really watch anything non asian but lately that is not the case. I have watched so many series over the years, I have re-watched some of them more times than I can count, I have dropped … Continue reading Currently Watching | Non-Asian TV Series

Das ist Liebe! | A (very, very, very) belayed Bonus Part

About a year ago I was nominated for a Liebser Award from some lovely bloggers, who I thank a lot. I did some posts where I've answered their questions but I didn't answer missienelly's questions from the blog Mymyooz. So I thought I would do a very belated post answering these questions! 1. Do you kpop/cpop/twpop/jpop? If … Continue reading Das ist Liebe! | A (very, very, very) belayed Bonus Part

Song of the Week | Sunboat by Little Suns

 I adore this song! It's so uplifting and warm. I did found out about it from the drama It's Ok That's Love. I do  need to finish this one too.. I don't know the song makes me wanna stand up and dance! (feature image originally from Hayden Williams )

Quote of the Day

I thought that my heart racing in that moment would eventually subside with time. And then, I thought I’d be able to leave easily. But that was a foolish assumption, an excuse to stay by her side. Choi Dal Po, Pinocchio (feature image found and I think is originally from here xx )