Song of the Week | Why by Mate

As I didn’t really watch many k-dramas the previous year I also didn’t really listen to much Korean music either. But the other day I discovered this little gem.

I think it belongs to the k-indie genre. Not that it matters really. It’s very soothing, very calming, very sweet. I really like the singer’s voice and especially the very beginning of the song.

(picture found and I think originally is from here xx )


2 thoughts on “Song of the Week | Why by Mate

  1. Mate are so awesome. They were around a few years ago, had a couple of albums, and then totally disappeared. I thought they’d broken up until they suddenly popped up again last year. Minus their drummer, lol. But yep, love them.


    1. I’ve found out about them when I was listening to a Coffee Boy’s song on youtube.. I’ve listened to some more from their songs and I really like them.. 🙂


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