One Year Blog-Anniversary |BrightLittleWorld

I logged in my blog a couple of minutes ago and it said that today is my one year anniversary. One year of blogging! This is crazy!

I know that I haven’t been active for quite a few months now. It is something that goes hand in hand with not watching a lot of dramas or movies,with life commitments and just in general being not really interested in watching tv-series or movies in general not only from our beloved asian countries.

Tha last few months have been very interesting life-wise. It just feels that after a long period I happen to like real life a lot. It’s almost as interesting as dare to say drama life! Nevertheless I have slowly started watching some episodes of new dramas. It’s going well so far!

Blogging has definitely been a very interesting and challenging experience so far. I don’t consider myself a blogger, not in the least, but still this whole experience has given me so much. I have said it before that one of my most favourite things in blogging is being able to get in touch with people from all around the world. A simple thing like liking tv-series from a small country has brought together so many people. I have been able to share my love for this culture and I found a small place in this world that I can just ramble on and on and on about stories. Which is so simple but has offered me a lot!

It has made me a lot happier.

I will be back. Sooner rather than later. I have tried to persuade myself that I can still do it, even after all these months. That I can get back on the game. Let’s see what happens.

So again Happy One Year Anniversary to me and my little blog. To more! To better!

xxx brightfotini



(picture found and is originally from Lucian Marin)


6 thoughts on “One Year Blog-Anniversary |BrightLittleWorld

  1. I totally missed this post as I’m really busy these days and can’t find proper time to blog…Congrats brightfotini! 😀
    I’ve missed you on blogosphere…I’m glad that real life is goiing great for you…even I’ve started this new phase of my life where i’m finding it really difficult to manage my blog like the way I used to…but I’m still watching dramas..they are a kind of energy source…haha 😀
    Hope to see you soon….


    1. Thank you so much!
      I know life gets in our way in unexpected ways, doesn’t it?
      But as you said dramas are definitely a kind of energy source. One of the reasons why we love them..
      Hopefully sooner rather than later I’ll be back on blogging more regularly. We will see..
      I’ve missed this place too!! 🙂


  2. Yay, congrats. You’re the same as me, I don’t consider myself a Blogger either. I don’t update my blog often anymore. I’m watching a lot of shows at the moment but while i’m travelling and finding somewhere to live, it’s really hard to keep up with them. And before that, i was watching so many shows that I had no time to actually write about them, ha ha. There are so many good dramas on at the moment! I recommend High School King, it just finished and it was very cute and fun.


    1. I feel you. Real life’s is always demanding and it’s not always easy to balance everything out!
      I’m currently watching It’s ok, that’s love and fated to love you and really enjoying them!
      I will check High School King out when I find some time.. 🙂


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