Secret Love Affair | Ep 1&2 | First Impressions

I’m writing these while listening to the piano piece that our two protagonists played together. I thought it was appropriate considering that music was like the third protagonist in this drama. The third person that connected our heroes. Plus it is a beautiful music piece.

Let’s start of by saying that watching the first two episodes but also before that watching the 20-minute- long preview was a good decision that I’ve made. I’ve watched the preview without subtitles and realised that they weren’t necessary. The body language, the facial expressions, the music were enough to grasp what the story was about and the overall feeling of the drama.

The Pros

– First and foremost the music and the way it was used. Usually in dramas the music plays a secondary role. It is there to fill in the silence or to emphasize the feelings of the characters. But here it plays a different role. It serves as a connection between our heroes, as a secret language. They seem to communicate through the notes as if they’re using a different language, a language that only them realise. And it is amazing to watch something like that unfold in front of your eyes.

– The second thing that I liked was the way the camera was used. The way they chose to set it up, the way they showed us the scenes without actually showing us the whole picture. Walls, half heads, they did create an interesting result. I felt at points that I was watching through a keyhole these people’s lives which I guess it goes well with the whole theme of a secret love affair.


– I loved  the actors performances and especially the ones from our two main protagonists, Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae. They feel like they are their characters. And not in a big, in-your-face kind of way but more like in a calm, subtle one. A smile, a change in their eyes, the way they used their hands. I feel we’re gonna get some of their best life performances.

– The potential of the story. It is very interesting because it feels like it’s not gonna be another noona romance. It feels more real. He is a very young man, usure of his future and who he is, and she is a woman, a woman who probably leads an unsatisfying life. How they are gonna connect with each other? What holes the other person’s gonna fill?

– Lastly and that’s a weird kinda one is the clothes. I just felt that the clothes really showed who each character was. For example Oh Hye Won was dressed simple, but with good quality looking clothes that showed her social status but also her character. In comparison Seo Young Woo was dressed in modern, expensive, “loud” clothes that emphasized her stubborn character.


The Cons 

– The only con that I can think of is my fear that the story will focus more than it needs to on the “company” stuff and the inside conflicts than on the actual “affair”.

For me it seems like it’s gonna be a very interesting and intense story. I ‘m more interested to see how these two people will “discover” each other and how they’re gonna, inevitably, change after this affair. I’m also extremely interested to see the reactions of their families, friends and social circle when they found out about these two. Human nature and the way they react in situations that are not considered “normal” or even acceptable is always interesting to watch.

I’m gonna catch up hopefully this week with the rest aired episodes and as far as I can tell here in the blogosphere people are loving this one which is always a good thing and it does make me happy!



(pictures credit: Soompi)



2 thoughts on “Secret Love Affair | Ep 1&2 | First Impressions

  1. I haven’t read much about SLA on the blogosphere. Not many people I follow seem to be writing about it. I find I’m liking the two main characters for the most part but don’t care about anyone else, so when Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae aren’t on screen, I’m barely even watching. I’m not sure if that means I’ll end up dropping it, or if I’ll just become more interested in the other stuff over time.


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