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I’ve looked up the definition of the word “musing” and I was surprised to see that it actually meant the opposite of what I had in mind. I thought that musings were ramblings or random thoughts or something among those lines but it turns out it means something that is thoughtful, something that is produced after consideration. And to put it simply something that these posts won’t necessarily be! But I still like the word so I’m still gonna use it..

I have watched quite a few dramas in my almost 2 years journey in dramaland and I thought it would be a good idea to share some thoughts about the dramas I’ve watched before starting this blog. But they’re not gonna be proper reviews (well not that my reviews are proper proper reviews anyway). There’re some reasons for that and the main one is because some of these dramas are not so fresh in my memory for me to be able to write a full length review.

I thought the easiest way of writing these posts is to go alphabetically. So with no more introductory words and stuff lets start talking about 49 days. And we’re off with a difficult (?) start!

49 days is probably my favourite drama so far. For the ones who haven’t watched it yet the story revolves mainly around a young woman who after an accident she gets into a coma. During this time she can still move around as a ghost. She meets an angel of death of some sort who tells her she has 49 days to gather three real, genuine tears from three people who she is not blood related with if she wants to continue living. In order to succeed this her spirit can use another woman’s body.

This drama. Oh this drama! There was not a single thing I didn’t like about it. I found the story interesting and so different from what I was used to. The characters had depth as well as the inter-stories, they were realistic and fleshed out. The friendships that formed were beautiful, the performances were perfect (let me just point out that Lee Yo Won played for me three, not one, not two but three different characters. Talk about talent here!). And the music added that special little thing that made the whole thing even better. But above all what I loved about this one was its ending. Yes the ending.



Why the ending? Because you see here’s the thing. You live your life and you try to do all the right things. And you make choices and you take chances. And you meet people and you exchange opinions on things. And you travel and you read and you learn things. And you try to expand your horizons, you try to think outside the box. You do your best to be good and compassionate and forgiving. And you fall, and then you fall again but then you stand up. You try. Period. And then you think this is enough. But well sometimes it’s not. It’s not enough and there is nothing you can do about it. The only thing you can do is to accept your situation you’re in.

What I mean is that life is unexpected and it might screw you over and over again and again. But the point is, the important thing is that you should not stop trying. Because no matter the ending in the process of getting to that ending you grew. You matured. You became the person you are. You’ve learned and you’ve become better. Hopefully that is. You’ve lived.

So that is why I liked the ending. Because it made perfect sense with the whole story and because it made perfect sense with life and because our protagonist lived.

If you haven’t watched 49 days I think it is obvious that I highly recommend it! For me one of the best gems out there. Give it a try..

Rating: 5/5 

(pictures from koreandrama.org and Dramabeans )


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