Das ist Liebe | Final Part?

So apparently I can’t count. And to think that I did liked maths in school. So I got nominated five more times instead of four that I wrote in my last post. Well we are humans, we make mistakes!

Again I want to thank everyone who nominated me. I feel honored and thankful and this is crazy and I should probably stop repeating myself! So let’s continue with the questions. And just to mention that yes, it’s still fun answering them!

Questions from Pops from Pops Mission

1. Which drama character would you marry in real life?

And we off with a difficult start everyone! Who I would marry… That’s a good one! I’m gonna choose Enrique Geum from Flower Boy Next Door because he is like a ray of light even when he has his moments. And I need and want that in my life.


2. What actors/actresses do you love so much that you would watch a totally terrible drama just because they were in it? Any examples?

Truth is that if I don’t like the drama that I’m watching I probably will stop watching it or I’ll put it on hold. I don’t have any examples of such drama which I consider it a good thing in general. But I guess I would sit through any Gong Hyo Jin drama. Probably, I’m not sure.

3. Did you have a moment in your drama watching history when you just suddenly realised you were totally hooked? 

I’ve discovered dramas after I watched a lot of korean and japanese movies. I was hooked before I start watching dramas! From the very first movie, Petty Romance, I knew that this is for me. I remember then watching My Little Bride and then laughing and crying at the same time when watching My Sassy Girl. Ohh I knew it from the first moment!

4. What do your friends and family think of your obsession? Do they know?

Some friends know. At first they were like “What?” but they are my best friends and when they realised how much I liked them and actually how happy they made me they were “Good for you,for finding something you love!”. That comes hand in hand with the fact that I don’t stop in dramas but instead I started liking everything korean too! So they know I’m serious and it’s not just a phase. Haha. As for my family they do know but they are quite indifferent so.. It’s fine though!

5. Do you have a favourite drama kiss scene?

First choose a husband and now choose a kiss? Really?Really? There are a few that I like there are others that I’m thinking ‘THAT IS NOT A KISS!”. Nevertheless I think I’m gonna choose the kiss from My Name is Kim Sam Soon, the one when she trips and he catches her and they just stand there holding each other and she leans and kisses him and then they kiss like real people do. It was a scene that gave me goosebumps and a one I have actually re-watched many times.


6. What is it about your favourite drama that makes you love it so much?

49 days is probably my favourite drama so far. What I like the most is probably what everyone else hates about this drama and that is its ending. I thought it made perfect sense with the whole story and with the overall feeling of the drama. For me it was so realistic that even though I wasn’t happy with what happened I still had to stop and say “Well this is how life unfortunately works most of the times”. You may have done all the right things, you may have grown so much, you may have learnt and discover so many things but still in the end these, all these, might not be enough. But that’s ok too. Because you’ve lived. You’ve experienced things. And that’s what matters the most. I could go on on but let’s leave it there. If you haven’t watched this one do it. Really.

7. Why did you start a blog?

After I finished watching Cruel City I wanted to talk about it. I had so many thoughts in my head that I felt I needed a place to write them all. I wanted to share them. Comments sections just weren’t enough. So a blog was my next thought. And I know I still haven’t written anything about Cruel City…

8. Have you ever walked up to a non drama viewing family member or friend and started singing ‘Almoost Paraaadise” at them?

Is that a Boys Over Flowers reference? No because I had to look it up you know as I’m probably the only person who hasn’t watched this one! So I guess this answers the question. But I did went and listened to the song and instantly I felt the need to start doing some disco moves! That’s good, right?

9. What is your guilty pleasure drama?

I don’t think I have one actually! Although I have re-watched many scenes from You’re Beautiful but then I really enjoyed this one so whatever!

10. Tell us 5 random facts about yourself (presuming you haven’t done this already)

I have answered this question before so here it is xx!

Questions from  ihdiarbhee from A Mix of Anything and Everything

1. Something that you couldn’t do without.

Honestly I sit here for 10 minutes and I cannot find an answer to this question. Should I be alarmed? I guess I couldn’t do without food, and not because I couldn’t live if I didn’t eat but because I love food. I couldn’t do without books. And I couldn’t do without friends. My friends. Or maybe I could, I just don’t want to..

2. Somewhere you desperately want to go.

Ohh to so many places. To so many places.. I want to go to Korea and Japan and to travel in Europe. If I had to say only one I would have to say Korea.. 

3. If you are to write a story or drama, what is it going to be about?
4. 10 random things about you.

I have answered both these questions here and here!

5. Cola or juice?

Juice all the way! I don’t really like cola.

6. Pen or pencil?

Even though nowadays I mostly use pen deep down I’m always gonna be a pencil girl. It’s just better writing with a pencil. It is!

7. Pillows or stuff animals/toys?

Pillows! Stuff animals/toys are cute but for me so pointless..

8. Describe your dream get away.

I know that most people would like something “exotic” with dreamy sandy beaches but I have to admit that for me my dream getaway would be a big big city. Somewhere that I could get lost in back alleys and hundreds of people around me and tall skyscrapers . Somewhere like Shanghai or Bangkok or Tokyo.


9. If you could go back in time and talk to your old self, what would you talk about? 

Ohh that’s a hard one. I would like to talk about so many things but at the same time about nothing at all. To let her, you know, make her own decisions and choices. One thing though that I would like to say to her is not to stop being happy no matter what. To push through and not give up. I wouldn’t want to make her change the decisions she made (well I made) just to have a reminder on the back of her head. Chin up, be confident, smile and let things happen.. These I think. Oh and not be afraid. Definitely that one too. Ahh I’m getting cheesier and cheesier with every new answer!

10. If you can change something about yourself, what is it?

I would like to be more confident. To believe more in myself. You know, that I’m good enough and pretty enough and everything enough.

And last but definitely not least the questions from Gabby from Happy Memory

1. If you could travel back in time, what would you like to change?

Well I would like to change some things but I wouldn’t actually change them. Whatever happened, happened. There is not point in changing things and decisions. Everything that has happened to me has shaped me and has made me the person that I am today. The only thing that I would change though is to have more confidence.

2. Do you have any plans to learn the Korean language? If you have already done so, do you have any tips on how to improve your Korean language ability?

Well I have actually started trying (that is the key word!) to learn korean. After watching a few dramas I thought why not try and learn the language? So after looking here and there I came across the amazing website that is TalkToMeInKorean. They have tons of free lessons and they are so likeable! I have started doing their lessons but I’m nowhere close in understanding anything really. I understand some words and phrases but that’s it. But I do want to learn more. As for tips, well I don’t know. Just practice and what helps me in general when learning a language is to listen to music and watch series and movies and just try to surround myself with the new language. I find that it helps!


3. Which actor/actress/singer would you like to meet in this lifetime?

I’ve never thought about it really I think. I wouldn’t mind meeting anyone. Haha.. No actually I do have one. It was around the time I was watching Innocent Man and I’ve read an interview of Song Joong Ki and I really liked what he was saying, he sounded like such an interesting guy, very down to earth and I thought it would be nice to meet him in real life. So yes Song Joong Ki!

So this is it! I did it! But I saw that I was nominated again (the craziness continues!) so at some point I’m gonna do another post. Again I’m so thankful for all the nominations. It was an interesting experience and I’ve discovered so many new blogs. Fighting!


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