Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell | Book Review

I thought I try something a little different today. Books are another big love of mine- dare to say even bigger than dramas. The last few years I have re-discovered my love for them and I have been reading pretty much non-stop. So I thought why not combine my too great loves. And what better place to do so than here in my little blog.

The book that I want to talk about is called Fangirl and it is written by Rainbow Rowell. It is a young adult (YA) book and I thought the premise of this book sounded so relatable and I have a feeling you would agree with me. I’m pretty sure you’ve already thought that only by reading the title!


The story revolves around Cath, a freshman in college who is a big fan of the Simon Snow Series. Simon Snow Series is a series of books something like our Harry Potter. But she is no ordinary fan. She and her twin sister were active on the forums, they dressed up and they even started writing fanfiction. Now she is in college, her twin sister wants “to meet other people” and she is just trying to figure out if, you know, she can make it.

Cath was such a sweet character. Sweet and relatable. She is happy in her own world. She feels content with her life- her “organised” life I would say. She is happy with her internet friends, she is not the keenest of meeting new people, she is shy but very witty too. And she likes writing. And she feels like she would like to continue writing even after the whole fanfiction thing.

But of course she is also someone more or less lost. She is not sure who she is anymore, she is finding herself wanting things that she didn’t know she wanted and that scares her. And she is afraid that she is not good enough.

There is also love of all sorts in this book. There is boy love and sister love and father love and friend love. All kinds of love! I appreciated that the author didn’t make the romance the main purpose of this book. Yes Cath has someone she likes but her life doesn’t stop there. She has a father who has his own issues and she is so concerned about him. And she also has a sister who is someone more than a sister for her. And they kind of drift apart. And that breaks her heart.

She has all these things going on in her life, both in real and in her digital, that she sometimes finds herself suffocated I think. Can she make it? It is a constant battle inside her of moving on but at the same time not forgetting the past. And that was the most agonizing and realistic aspect of the story.

All in all I really liked that book. It is a great coming of age story, full of funny moments and heart-wrenching ones that you find yourself at one moment laughing and going all “Awww” and the next you sit there and you think “But, but, but”. Definitely recommend it to anyone who feels like reading a good story, full of well written realistic characters and situations that you will find yourself saying “I know how that feels like!”.

“You are Magic”

Rating  4 ****

Before I wrap up this post I wanted to mention something else. This is the second book by Rainbow Rowell that I’ve read after Attachments, which was really good too. I first found out about her when I learnt about her other book called Eleanor & Park. And yes it’s Park as in the korean last name, as in a teenage korean american boy in the 80’s. I will be reading this book too and probably I will be doing a review of. Just saying it for anyone who might be interested!


8 thoughts on “Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell | Book Review

  1. I placed Fangirl on hold at my local library awhile back, and now it’s finally available for pickup. 😀 Can’t wait to get my hands on it, since your review has piqued my interest even more! Also, I happen to be reading Attachments at the moment; it’s a pleasant read so far!


    1. Yay for finally being able to read it! It worths your time for sure..
      As for Attachments yes it was such an enjoyable read and what I loved most about ti was how natural and realistic all the dialogues felt.. 🙂


  2. Cath was totally relatable. Several times as I was reading it, I’d think “wow, I’m totally her”. And she wasn’t perfect. She was frustrating sometimes, and she was totally wrong sometimes but she didn’t think she was. And i’d be thinking “no, your teacher is right in this instance”. But then she does eventually realise how she’s acting, and she rights it. And that’s realistic. I do have a slight annoyance with something that happened (or didn’t happen…) at the end but other than that, I loved it.

    I’m going to check out her other books and see if they’re just as good.


    1. Ohh Cath wasn’t perfect. And no character in this book was perfect. And it is one of the reasons I liked this book. Because it was realistic like the way things in real life are. I mean who is perfect right?
      I did get frustrated with her at moments and I was like “But how can you think that or do that?” but it was nice to see in the end that she understood some things and moved on..
      I would totally recommend reading Attachments which was sweet and I’ve heard so many great things about Eleanor and Park.. 🙂


  3. Rainbow Rowell is such a fantastic author! I’ve read her three books and I fell in love with each one. I don’t know how she does it, but her characters are some of the most relatable ones I have ever encountered. You can’t help but think about yourself and your own experiences as you read.

    Fangirl is probably my favorite of her books, mostly because it was about a subject that I could easily relate to (I admit, I’ve read many a Harry Potter fanfiction). She tackled it beautifully with the creation of her own Harry Potter-esque universe. I must say, her fanfic inserts were some of my favorite parts of the book!

    Thanks for the great review. You made me remember how much I love this book! I think it may be time for me to jump back into Cath’s world!


    1. She does indeed create such relatable characters.. In both her books that I’ve read I could find so many elements that I could relate and say “I understand how they feel, I do!”.
      It is always a great thing to come across such well written characters.
      And another thing that I loved was that the dialogues were so natural. Because I’ve read books that the dialogues felt a bit stiff it was a nice thing to see.. 🙂


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