Das ist Liebe! | Part 2

As if it wasn’t crazy enough that I got nominated once by the lovely DDee for a Liebster award I got nominated again. And again and again and again. Yes my lovely readers I got nominated four more times which is amazing and so touching. I won’t get tired of saying how honored I feel for all these nominations. Thank you! It means a lot!

So this time around I’m just gonna answer all the questions. And yes there are a lot! I’m not complaining though because everyone hides a diva inside of them. Come on, don’t try to deny it you know it’s true!!

So the first person who nominated me was snow_white from The Drama Corner.

1. Who is your favorite K-ent actor and actress?

I have so so many. For actresses I have to say Gong Hyo Jin (I mean she is my girl crush). I also find Moon Chae Won and Lee Yo Won( have you seen 49days?) really talented. For actors I love Yoon Shi Yoon, he always adds something in his characters. Also really like Jung Woo Sung and Kang Don Won.

2. Talking about favorites, what are your favorite movies, TV serials, actors and actresses outside Kdramaland?

I always find it difficult to answer these kind of questions. But nevertheless. Some of my favourite movies outside dramaland are Taxi Driver, The Outsiders, Lost in Translation, You’ve got Mail. As for TV series I love Friends, Gilmore Girls, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Girls, 2 Broke Girls and so many series that are like CSI-ish. As for actors and actresses I’m just gonna mention two- Natalie Portman an Edward Norton.


3. If your life were a drama, which one would it be?

Ahh this is hard, hard, hard. I don’t think any of the dramas resemble my life but if I had to choose I would say Orange Days, one of the best japanese dramas that I have seen, just because I could understand what these characters were going through because some of these thoughts they were having, I had them too.


4. Dramas or novels? Why?

Ok now you’re kidding right? Right? How could I choose? I guess I would have to go with novels though. I mean books were and are always there for me so…

5. Which color do you like the most and why?

Grey used to be my favourite colour. I liked grey clothes a lot. But I really like dark blue and green and also burgundy. There’re just pretty..

6. Your dream cast for a drama: main leads as well as second leads………….

I’ve answered on my previous Liebster post a similar question but let’s see again. Gong Hyo Jin and Jung Woo Sung and maybe Yoon Shi Yoon.. All great actors!

7. What is the best thing about blogging in your opinion?

Blogging is such an interesting experience for me. I think though that the two most favourite things about it would have to be sharing my opinions about dramas and just getting them out of my system! And the second one is the community. The thought of other people watching dramas and all the sharing of thoughts. I love it!

The next person is chocokokoro from Picture Perfect Paradise.

1. If you could write the script for a drama, what would it be about? 

Ok ok.. It would be a romantic comedy as I have a soft spot for them! And I’m all for good cliches! I mean contract marriages and rich boy falling for the goodhearted but yet fierce poor girl! I want to see back hugs and piggy back rides. But with good real kisses, please!!

2. What is your favorite genre of dramas and/or movies?

I like romantic comedies. I started with them and although I love other genres I still consider this my favourite one.

3. Has an OST song ever made you shed tears? If so, which song(s)?

Well truth is it’s not so hard for me to get all teary and stuff when watching something or when listening to music. I don’t remember specifically something while watching a drama but I do remember when listening to the song Hurt by ALi from the drama Rooftop Prince after the drama was finished I got all worked up and well you know….

4. What one scene in any drama/movie have you ever wanted to happen to you?

Ohh so many so many.. Ok , ok let’s go with the cheesy choice but then again not so much. I want the first kiss scene in Personal Taste with Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin. The one where Lee Min Ho’s character is sad and kind of drunk and she just feels sad because he is sad and she wants to comfort him.. Ahh.. I’m such a romantic soul, I can’t help it!


5. What motivates you to keep blogging?  

The fact that I still find dramas interesting. That I still find things that I want to talk about. Or just ramble! And when I get a like or a comment or anything. You know the fact that there are some people who actually read what I’m writing always helps.

6. Do you have any other obsessions beside watching dramas?

Books, books, books! Enough said!

7. Does anyone you know in real life know about your life as a blogger?

Even though I can’t think myself as a blogger.. Some of my friends know. And I have told my brother and mom but you know. It’s not like they would sit and read about things that they are not interested in but still. My friends are very supportive so I’m happy!

8. What song do you have stuck in your head currently?

I’m gonna go with the song that right now I have in my head and it is My Tears Are Becoming A Sea by M84. I want to put that song as my mobile ringtone!

9. If you could replace the leading lady/guy in any existing drama, which drama would you pick and why?

I wouldn’t do it. I can’t think any character being portrayed by someone else. For all the dramas that I have watched I don’t think I would change any actor/tress. I’m taking whatever I’ve been given!

10. How has watching dramas changed your life?

Well are you sure you want to hear my answer because we would be here until tomorrow. Haha.. In so many ways. In so many ways. I guess the biggest changes are that I discovered such a great way to entertain myself, I opened my eyes to a culture previously unknown to me and I’ve talked to people from all around the world which is amazing.

So I will stop here because it is already such a big post and I think I will do another one with the rest of the questions. But it was so fun answering these ones and again thank you to the lovely people who nominated me. I’m  really touched. Fighting!


3 thoughts on “Das ist Liebe! | Part 2

  1. Yoon Shi Yoon, totally! Looooooooove!

    You’ve Got Mail is a great film, it’s one of those movies that you can watch multiple times and never get sick of it. It’s just so… nice, like all of Meg Ryan’s romcoms. And Tom Hanks is always awesome.

    “and just getting them out of my system!” Yes, that’s exactly why I blog as well. You need somewhere to write down all the thoughts running through your head!


  2. I wonder if there’s anyone who doesn’t like Gong Hyo Jin. It’s not possible right?? 🙂 Ooh I like Kang Dong Won too, ever since I saw him in Secret Reunion with Song Kang Ho! Glad to see you’re back to posting regularly


    1. Nope, nope I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t like her.. Nope, not possible.. 🙂
      As for Kang Dong Won I first saw him in Temptation of Wolves which was good and he was really really good and then I saw him in Maundy Thursday (Our happy time) which was an amazing movie and he was perfection there.. Secret reunion sounds very interesting so I will keep it in mind..
      I’m trying to get back on track and to catch up.. Haha.. 🙂


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