The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry | Review & Thoughts

Everyone let’s not mention that I have found myself in a drama slump and just continue with this review, shall we?

There was this time after I’ve finished watching That Winter The Wind Blows that I found myself wanting, craving some could even say, for more Kim Bum. Now I don’t choose my dramas based solely on the actors, I have to find the story interesting too. And well The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry sounded interesting enough so I’ve decided to give it a try.

The story revolves around a 30-something-year old woman, Lee Shin Young played by Park Jun Hee, who works as a TV reporter, is still single and tries to balance everything out. One day she meets a 20-something-year old guy, Ha Min Jae played by Kim Bum, a university student and member of a band and things start to change.

Lots of people put this drama in the noona-romaces category something that doesn’t do it justice in the least. Although it involves an older woman falling in love with a younger guy and vice versa, I found that the story had so much more to offer than just that. That was only an aspect of the main story which for me was more about the women’s position in today’s society and women’s friendship.

The Women

Shin Young is the epitome of a woman living in a modern society. She is a young, full of passion and dreams. She is working at something she loves and she is so passionate about her job that you can’t help but admire her. She has sacrificed a lot to be in the position she is today and unfortunately her efforts and talent is not easily recognised by the men in her work. She is also someone who was unlucky when it came to love. She was betrayed by her long-term boyfriend, when she thought that finally she was getting everything together and making something out of her life. Balancing everything out is not an easy task after all.


Fortunately though in this journey that is called life she is not alone. She has two best friends, two guardian angels, two women who have their own battles to fight. Two people different from each other but with one thing in common- strength. Not physical the other kind. One of them is a succesful restaurant owner who found the courage to step up for herself and walk out of an unhappy relationship where she wasn’t appreciated. The other one is a succesful translator who managed to make something of herself without her family’s help and still wants to be loved by someone who worths it.

These three women’s friendship was one of the best parts of this drama. It is portrayed very realistically and with lots of heart. They had their ups and downs, they found themselves not agreeing with the other person’s choices but still they were there for each other. They spend time together, they laugh, they help each other and they are truly grateful for the presence their friends have on their lives.


As I said one of the most vital parts of this story is the way it shows the position of women in today’s society. The drama offers lots of examples of women living sad lives, women who feel unappreciative, who can’t find the strength to walk out of bad relationships, who do find the strength to walk out of miserable marriages even if they are scared to death, who put their careers first, who are still looking for that special person. Women who at the end of the day are still trying, trying with all their might.

The Romance

It wasn’t only the friendship that was realistically portrayed but the romance aspect of the story too. Shin Young and Min Jae were two very different people. They lead different lives something that is understandable considering the 10 year gap between them. He is a university student barely knowing what he wants to do with his life and even who he is and she is already an adult having figured out her life. For the most part that is.


These differences are real and the story didn’t try to sugarcoat anything. It showed all the second thoughts our characters were having, all the obstacles they had to face and all the people in their lives that kept reminding them that their relationship couldn’t work. Until the very end you couldn’t be sure how things would end which was definitely another plus of this drama.

Overall Impressions

This drama is not your typical noona-romance or your typical romance in general. It is realistic, fun (lots of it actually!) and thought-provoking. The actors provided solid performances, especially the tree ladies, Park Jin Hee, Uhm Ji Won and Wang Bit Na, did an amazing job portraying their characters that in the end you felt that their were your friends. I would recommend this drama to anyone who feels like watching a good romantic comedy which is full with heart warming and funny moments.

Rating: 4/5

(pictures credit: Dramabeans)


8 thoughts on “The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry | Review & Thoughts

  1. Reblogged this on RandomSoju and commented:
    This is a nice review on a little gem of a k-drama that deserves more love. Thanks to bright little world, maybe a few more people will discover this wonderful drama.


  2. It is nice to see a positive review of this drama. It’s one of my favorites and I feel it is vastly underrated and over looked by many. I also like that the friendship is not overly idealistic, sometimes the friends get on each others nerves lol. We see time after time comments on various drama blogs/sites from viewers saying they would like to see more female friendships in dramas, but when someone makes a gem like this, it’s discounted because there are not enough hot guys, and/or it’s criticized by viewers that find older woman /younger man relationships somehow distasteful. I find that very disheartening, but seeing a blog post like this gives me a little hope lol. Thanks for posting this.


    1. I have also noticed that.. So many people keep complaining that true women’s friendship is not represented in dramas but as we can see it does and it can be done good.
      As I said it is really realistically portrayed and in the end I just loved them so much.
      And it is a same that some dramas never get the recognition that they deserve for simple dumb reasons as “not enough hot guys”. I mean I like hot guys but at the end of the day I prefer good story and acting..
      Glad to find someone else who liked this one.. 🙂


      1. LOL 😀
        Nice to hear from you….really miss your frequent posts but then priority for RL things is very important…I’ll start my marathon spree soon and this drama is for sure to be completed among the first ones!


        1. Ok ok did you just say marathon spree?? Ahh I LOVE marathons! I miss those days that I would sit and watch a drama in a day! 🙂
          Which dramas are you thinking to watch?
          I know, RL must come first but I feel so rusted lately and slowly I’m trying to get back on my blog and on my dramas.. Hopefully I’ll get back on track.. Haha.. 🙂


          1. I miss those days too….one drama in three days max…now that my exams are kind of over…I can start a slow marathon…

            looking forward to your return to blogosphere… 😉


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