Das ist Liebe! | The Liebster Award


This is beyond crazy! I’m actually really honored and touched for receiving this award. And that from one of my favourite blogs here- Obsessive Compulsive (k)drama Disorder. So DDee thank you so so much for this. It means a lot!

I created this blog not so long ago, after finished watching Cruel City. I had so many things that I wanted to say about this drama and its ending that I felt that a whole blog was needed! I still haven’t said anything about this masterpiece-of-a-drama but at least I was left with my little blog.

Writing about dramas, commenting on other people’s blogs, interacting with this community has being a great experience for me. I was always whining that I had no one to talk about my dramas in real life and now I have found myself in the middle of this lovely community, with people from all around the world, where I can ramble on and on about my beloved dramas. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my (often lousy) posts and comment and everything really. I’m trying my best to do the same because I really love this community!

I know that lately I haven’t been able to post or read or comment anything because real life was so demanding and I couldn’t find a way to balance everything out but hopefully things will get back to normal. Truth is I never thought blogging would be so demanding but I’m not changing it for a thing!

If anyone is not familiar with The Liebster Award, it is basically a way to show our appreciation for blogs and a way to promote smaller or new blogs. I do find it a great gesture (is that how it’s called? I’m always wondering about my english skills..) and just in general a sweet thing to do for your fellow bloggers! So with no further ado and after thanking once again the lovely DDee for nominating me let’s continue with this post..

The Rules

So there are some rules involved but do not be afraid! They are simple and sweet.

1. Each nominee link back the person who nominated them.

2. Answer 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.

4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

The Questions

And now I’m going to answer DDee’s questions. This is gonna be so much fun! It’s like I’m being interviewed or something.. Haha.. 🙂

1. If you could bankroll your dream drama, what genre would it be and who would you cast?

Ohh that’s a tough one! Ok, ok I can do this! So because in the beginning I started watching korean romantic comedies I will go with that genre as it still holds a special place in my heart. My ideal cast would have to be Gong Hyo Jin, because duh! she is amazing and I adore her and for our male lead Kang Dong Won? Or maybe Jung Woo Sung? I think both would make an interesting choices especially if you consider that this is romantic comedy. But then there are so many good male actors. Well at least I am sure about my female lead!

 2. If you could travel back in time and be a fly on the wall in any drama shoot in the universe, which would you pick and why?

Actually a very interesting question. I looked the list with all the dramas that I have watched and for some reason Thank You grabbed my attention. I can’t pinpoint exactly why but there is something about this small island that the shooting took place and the actors performances that again went so well with this background that I would really like to be a fly on the wall and observe everything. That or Arang and the Magistrate. Good drama, historical sites, ghosts..

3. If you weren’t blogging about dramas what would you be blogging about?

Probably about books. Or about overly cheesy things like “Live, Love, Laugh”. I love them and I don’t care!

4. How soon into your drama addiction did you want to start cooking and eating ramyun?

Hahahahahahahaha.. I loved that question! I don’t know exactly when but I know that it was early on my addiction. Ohh and I have actually eaten ramyun on a chinese-wanna-be-restaurant and they were delicious!

5. In what ways is your family similar to and different from the average K-drama family?

I actually never thought about that. Well there is a first for everything! We like food. We do try to gather around a table and eat all together. We are very considerate for the other family members. There is this warm feeling you get from happy k-drama families. What else. Well our parents are always there for us. Always caring about us. Which is a good and a bad thing as we all know.. As for the differences. Well we never discovered a long lost brother, we never went bankrupt and my brother never tried to steal the family company from me-the rightful owner of all of course!

6. List 11 random facts about yourself. 

– I like reading quotations. Quotations from books, movies, things that people said. I adore them. This is one of the reasons Tumblr is one of my favourite places on the internet.

– My favourite season is winter. I do not really like the summer. All this sweating boooo…!

– I have been to Venice, Florence, Rome, Pompeii, London, Istanbul, Frankfurt and Würzburg. These are all cities outside from my country. It is more than obvious I think that I love travelling. My next destination is The Netherlands! I am flying on the 26th of February. How cool is that?

– My top 5 places that I want one day to visit are: Korea, Japan, China, Argentina, USA. But there are so many that follow these…

– I’m a very sensitive person. And I cry kind of easily. One day at work there was this old lady and she wanted to buy a book for her grandchildren who were 2 years old. And she was really looking if she could afford it because she wanted something that would make them happy and that it wouldn’t be expensive. And then when she gave me the money she put out a small wallet like the one my grandmother used to have. And I don’t know, the whole situation made my so so sad.. I know I’m weird. I do know it!

– I love reading books. I hadn’t read almost anything between the ages of 18-20 but I re-discovered my love for them and now I can’t live without them. It’s just an amazing feeling to dive into a story and completely forget your own world.

– I’m a huge huge foodie! I love food even if I sometimes I use it to feel better. That is a bad habit, I know! Probably my favourite things to eat are potatoes, preferably fried or mashed, and shrimps.

– I like sad songs.

– I am not a sporty person. I am way to lazy for any kind of exercise. And yes, I’ve never been to a gym.

– My favourite disney princesses were Pocahontas and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Looking back I’m quite proud of these choices!

–  I have a younger brother. He is the person I love most in this world but he frustrates me sooo much!

My Nominations  

I know some of them have already been nominated and I know some of them might have more than 200 followers but I really like their blogs.

The Drama Corner

Creating Volumes

Happy Memory


As I Watch

Pops Mission

My Questions

1. Why do you like dramas so much?

2. What was your first drama? If you hadn’t liked it would you still have continued watching dramas?

3. Give us one tip for balancing everything out- real life and watching dramas and blogging, please?

4. Have you ever tried soju or makgeolli?

5. What are the top 5 places you would like to visit one day?

6. Tell us 5 random facts about yourself.

So this is it. I had so much fun writing this post and hopefully this is all I needed to re-start my blogging journey. Hope everyone is good and don’t forget- Fighting!


21 thoughts on “Das ist Liebe! | The Liebster Award

  1. I love that you would cast Gong Hyo Jin in your romcom. I love her, she’s awesome. I always feel like she has this sense of realism. I love that ramyun question, but what a hard question to answer it would be, ha ha. I’ve never been to a gym either. I’m high fiving you in my head for that. *non-gym junkies for the win!*

    Thanks for the nomination!


    1. Yes finally someone who understands me!! Non gym junkies FTW!!
      Gong Hyo Jin is amazing and she has proved that she can be great in romcom but also in other genres.. She is so natural that you can’t help fall in love with the characters she is portraying.. 🙂


  2. Congratulations! And thanks for nominating me. I’ll take some time to reply your questions because I need to figure out how this award thing works lol


  3. Loved your answers….and wow…there are so many similarities between us…I love reading and also I love quotations (thanks for posting so many of them on your blog!)….and my favourite season is winters but I like summers too as we have long holidays during that 😉


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