**Happy New Year**

Happy New Year everyone! I wish everyone health and happiness. I really hope this new year to bring you everything that you want. Both in real and in “digital” life.

This is gonna be a very short post, I just wanted to wish that to everyone. It was a difficult but interesting year for me. As far as drama watching goes though it was one of the best ones. And yes that is because after creating this blog I started talking to so many people about my dramas, something I wasn’t able to do before.

And lately despite the fact that I can’t post anything or comment anything, because this job is kind of killing me and real life demands my attention and I can’t seem to be able to balance everything out, I still appreciate and love this community. So I’m thankful for all of you and wish you the best.

I’m gonna leave you with that and hopefully sooner than later I will be back with new posts and new dramas. Fighting!!

(picture found from here xx)


7 thoughts on “**Happy New Year**

    1. I know I’m way too late for replying but still appreciated your comment.. 2014 has already been pretty “active” which is great apart from the fact that I am still way behind with my dramas.. But now that the job is finished I think I will get back on track.. Wish you the best!!


    1. Again way to late for replying but it is always a great thing to know that I’m not the only one who finds it difficult to balance everything out.. 🙂
      Hopefully now everything’s gonna get back on track.. Wish you the best and of course always Fighting!!


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