Quote of the Day

Even if I don't have a reason to live, I live because my eyes open in the morning.¬†Because I still breathe. Why?If a person doesn't have a reason to live, does that mean he can't?Oh Soo, That Winter the Wind Blows¬† (picture found here xx, not sure from where originally the oldest I can go is … Continue reading Quote of the Day


Das ist Liebe! | The Liebster Award

This is beyond crazy! I'm actually really honored and touched for receiving this award. And that from one of my favourite blogs here- Obsessive Compulsive (k)drama Disorder. So DDee thank you so so much for this. It means a lot! I created this blog not so long ago, after finished watching Cruel City. I had … Continue reading Das ist Liebe! | The Liebster Award

**Happy New Year**

Happy New Year everyone! I wish everyone health and happiness. I really hope this new year to bring you everything that you want. Both in real and in "digital" life. This is gonna be a very short post, I just wanted to wish that to everyone. It was a difficult but interesting year for me. … Continue reading **Happy New Year**