Serendipity Week | December 7, 2013

This blog’s main theme is dramas. But what happens when you have no time to actually watch dramas? What happens that despite the fact that you haven’t watch any dramas you still want to post something? Well my friends what happens is a Serendipity Week post. Although it should be called Serendipity Weeks but anyway…

Drama Serendipities

Ohh the irony! So I wasn’t able to catch up with this week’s Heirs, but I read some parts of the recaps so more or less I have the general idea of what happened. I know, I know I shouldn’t be reading recaps but I needed to know what happened. You know what I mean. You’ve done it too! Don’t lie now.. But one thing that I didn’t mention about last week’s episodes were the amazing performance by Lee Min Ho. Personally I found him great especially in the ending scene of episode 16. In general I think he is providing a very strong performance in Heirs. I like his quite moments. I really do. Also for Reply 1994 I have watched only the first episode from last week, which was good of course I mean oppa-ya! so I have a lot of catching up to do. I’m not even gonna mention Unemployed Romance. I did watch though Yeon-woo’s Summer which was great and I did do a review of it! But what saddens me the most is that I haven’t been able to watch any of the new dramas that premiered these past weeks. No Pretty Man, no Let’s Eat, no nothing.. Ahh.. Did anyone watch anything? How was it?

Book Serendipities

As far as books go it’s pretty much the same as dramas. No time whatsoever. But I did managed to finish Glaciers by Alexis Smith, a short, sweet book. Now I’m trying to finish Yoko Ogawa’s The Diving Pool: Three Novellas, which is quite interesting. It really makes you think about people’s inner thoughts and the way they perceive other people and parts of the things that happen in their life. I have more than ten books that are waiting to be read in my library. Wishing the day had more hours really..

Farming Serendipities

Now some of you know that about two weeks ago I went to my village for some olive gathering. And that is one of the reasons I was left so behind in my dramas. So apart from the fact that it rained almost all of the days that we were there (as my dad said “It’s like suddenly we became London!”) we did picked up some olives. The ones that you eat not the ones you use to make olive oil. I took some pictures to show you, and yes by you I mean anyone who might have even the slightest interest in these stuff.


So the flowers was a personal touch because I thought they were pretty. Also to keep it drama related and because I did made that thought when I picked them up, doesn’t the yellow one remind you of the flower that Eun Soo gave to Choi Young in Faith? You know the one she jokingly put on his ear but he secretly kept it? I am a romantic after all I guess..

Music Serendipities

So lately I’ve re-listening to a lot of greek music. What I listen to changes from time to time, so there are months that I’m not gonna listen to any greek music but then there gonna be a week that I’m only gonna be listening to greek songs. So I thought, why not I introduce some of my favourite greek songs? And because to choose some would be way too difficult I thought to post some that I’ve been listening lately. I will try to do a small translation, but it’s gonna be very rough one because lets face it, translating songs and poems must be the hardest kind of translation right?

Είναι ωραία η θάλασσα/ The sea is beautiful by Pyx Lax

I wanna run, I wanna fly, I wanna be lost/ but I’m afraid of what will happen if I come back/ I’m trying to fool myself/ but somewhere deep inside me, I’m not gonna persuade him-her(him-her means myself here)

These she was thinking late at nights at work/ and her grey aura was becoming more black/ sad “yes, fine thank you’s”/ but there is something else that bothers her

The sea is beautiful because it is always moving/ and even if you have seen many lands/ no land “lands” you (meaning that you will always like the moving sea, obviously it speaks metaphorically, I’m just bad in translation!)/ …/ The sea is beautiful because it looks like you(it reminds me of you)

Please leave me to do what I feel like/ I’m tired of people talking to me about the “right things”/……..

Κοίτα εγώ/ Now, look I…  by Giannis Haroulis and Natassa Bofiliou

Now, look I, if you’ll allow me/ I’m not only what you see/ And there are times I’m wondering/ how I manage to hold up

I’m holding a grunge against this world/ because I don’t “own” myself/…

Now look I, if you care to know/ I’m all that you mention/ but somewhere deep inside/ everyone that says they know me is wrong(about me)

So ok maybe the translation part of the post sucks big time but you can still listen to the song and not bother with my shitty translation.

Life Serendipities

Lastly I just wanted to mention why I haven’t got the time to watch my dramas. Well I found a job. Yes, yes a job! I know, I know I’s crazy. Well technically it’s only for a month and it has nothing to do with what I studied in uni but still a job is a job. So this is why I had no time because this past week all I did was go to work, come home, eat and then go straight to bed. Hopefully from next week I’ll manage to balance things out. Also this past week was my graduation! Well that was good. And the only part that I almost started crying was when they said that the parents and family also need a congratulations for the financial and emotional support they provided us these years. It was sweet and I’m sensitive so..

So I know that this post is waaay too personal but I wanted to post something quick and easy. I’m gonna leave you with one last picture I took while I was in my village.


It’s a dandelion! Make a wish everyone!

(feature picture found here xx, feature image found and is originally from here Susannah Tucker Photography)


6 thoughts on “Serendipity Week | December 7, 2013

  1. Awww congratulations on your graduation, and on finding a job even if it is only for a month! I’m sure the income is much appreciated. I remember my first job after uni was like that too–eat, sleep, work. Rinse and repeat!
    Thanks for posting the pic of the olives. I was really curious about that. Did you pick the kind to make oil as well, or just black olives? Olives here are so expensive, it’s a luxury. Well, except the kind you get on fast food pizza which are…icky!


    1. Thanks and yes the money is much appreciated Indeed!
      The week that I went we only picked the ones that you eat, the others my dad will go in about a week..
      It makes sense being a luxury there considering that it is not a common thing to have olive trees there.. We are quite lucky here in that area..Haha.. 🙂


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