Reply 1994 | Ep 7-11 | Thoughts

If this drama won’t be the death of me, then I don’t know what will. It truly is so good. I watched episode 11 yesterday and I still don’t understand how can a drama be full of fun, angst and generally awesome moments. I feel like not a lot of people talk about this drama and it really saddens me the thought that this seems like an underrated drama. I would go as far as to say that I find it even better than Reply 1997, and I gave that one 5/5. I’m kind of repeating myself but I can’t help it..

Random thoughts about the episodes

– Samcheonpo and Yoon Ji. Aren’t they adorable? I loved how they started noticing each other after they spent time with the other person’s parents. Because both were able to see the other person with a different eye. They saw a part that was hidden. They saw the warm part of them. The fact that they have a heart. Also I just loved how Samcheonpo made the first and final move and kissed Yoon Ji. So romantic and so unexpected because he didn’t look for a guy that would do the first move.


– Biggeure. How much I adore and feel for this guy. He is lost. And it is only natural to be lost. You’e 18,20 years old. You’re not really supposed to know what you want to do in your life, or even who you really are, what you like and what you want. It’s understandable. Life of course is a bitch and everyone expects so many things from you but still- it’s ok not to be ok! Yes as cheesy as it sounds. And I found him much more courageous than he thinks he is. At least he finally admitted some things. And another thing I liked in these episodes was the bond that was formed between him and oppa. I’m not sure if he likes likes oppa or if he just looks up to him, either of them is fine, but I like that he found someone that could open up to. It’s difficult to try and make all the right choices, or all the choices that other people and especially your family expects you to make so it’s nice to have someone who won’t judge you and will on top of that help you find your dream and support your choices.


– Our lovely Chilbongie now. It is hard not to like this guy. It is really hard, and that comes from someone who was team oppa since the very beginning. But regardless of oppa, you have to give Chilbongie a big round of applaud. He definitely deserves it. He is not only sweet and smart and kind but he finds the courage to confess his feelings. And that when he already knows that he’s not gonna be the winner. He is not afraid to go after what he wants and I adore that in him. Who wouldn’t want a guy to genuinely like them and say that to them and you know catch a bus, travel for 5 hours, see them for three and then go back? And and who won’t stop fighting even when he knows that he’ll probably loose?

– And now oppa-ya. In the beginning I just wanted for him to speak up. We were guessing what he must be feeling but he never said anything. I had guessed that he did like Na Jung but he was afraid to do anything because of the relationship their families have. Can you imagine them getting together and then breaking up? I mean they could overcome the awkwardness and the sad feelings but things would have changed. Oppa’s feelings were understandable but on the other hand you shouldn’t oppress your feelings and do what your heart tells you to do. So I guess the fact that saw Chilbongie coming forward that rang a bell inside him and decided to do something for his feelings. Of course I like that and I’m interested to see what happens next.


– I also wanted to talk a little bit about Na Jung. It is so difficult to confess your feelings and in her case it was even harder if we take into consideration the relationship she had with oppa. It was so sweet when she confessed and then felt a bit embarrassed so she treated oppa like her friend that would understand what she must be feeling. And then in episode 11 when oppa still hadn’t given her an answer when she was talking with Haitai and told him if she wasn’t attractive enough as a woman. My heart skipped a little bit because it is something that people think when they get rejected or not given an answer. That feeling that you’re not sure for yourself. I feel for her.

– Two more things that don’t have to do with the story necessarily. I really like all the quite 90’s things that are put in the drama. Even though the story is not to talk about the 90’s but instead to saw these young people slowly becoming adults, something that people all around the world have to face  an it has no time limits, I still like that 90’s vibe that the story is set in. Like the programs on the radio, or the television, the songs that they use. They really add something unique and warm to the story.

– The second thing is the fun. It is so funny. As I said the story balances everything out. Because I wasn’t able to watch episode 11 right away I read the recap and even by reading the recap I found myself laughing out loud! I love it, love it, love it!

Overall as I said I’m really enjoying the drama and always can’t wait until the next one. I would really like to marathon it because I think the experience would be even better but on the other hand I have to get what I can. Ldet;s see what happens next!


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4 thoughts on “Reply 1994 | Ep 7-11 | Thoughts

  1. Oh no!! Don’t be upset about what you have written at all!!! 🙂 it is impossible not to make mistakes when you write these things and I do it all the time!!
    I think yiu have a very interesting way of getting the feel of the drama across in your reviews, I can’t quite explain what I mean but its like you are able to convey the emotion behind the scenes or something. Anyway that is why I enjoy reading your writing so much!! Its always very lovely!! 🙂
    Yes I think I am liking Oppa more these days now he has accepted his feelings and is tryi g to do something about it. And you are so right about him treating everyone so well in the house, that is something I also really adore about him. But my heart remains with Chilbongie, who I sadly think will most likely not get the girl… 😦


    1. Ohh thank you so much for your kind words.. I’m so thankful for them.. 🙂 Sometimes I think I’m taking things that happen in dramas too personally and then my posts are filled with “emotional thoughts” about how the characters must be feeling etc. I don’t know..
      And it’s fine to stay on Chilbongie’s side! Despite all I still believe that he has a shot. I really do. I mean you never really know what can happen in the end.. 🙂


  2. I am watching this one too! And really enjoying it!!
    I really love all the characters so much but the one issue I have is that I have totally accidently fellen onto the Chilbongie ship. And as you mentioned in your (totally lovely) review… there is just no way he is going to get the girl. 😦 I just feel so upset because I love him so much and think he really deserves Na Jeong. Sob.
    I can see why Na Jeong is so in love and blinded by Oppa, but I will also admit I somtimes find him frustrating, only because he keeps his feelings so deeply hidden. And sometimes I wonder if he really does love Na Jeong ( i know he adores her as a sister but i am not sure about any romance) or if he just doesn’t want anyone else to have her. The way he will sometimes act so, not cold exactly but indifferent I guess, and then if he notices another boy getting interested in her he will suddenly make a move to hook her all over again. So yeah, maybe that is just me but sometimes Oppa is a bit unreadable and its so hard to understand his motives.
    But I do get why Na Jeong loves him. He really does look after her so intently when she needs it…..but Chilbongie! !!!!????? I love him so much!!! But he is so going to end up heartbroken…boo hoo.


    1. I think the writers like to tease us. Who is going to be the husband? When you think is going to be oppa somehing happens and you say “no,no it can’t be, it’s totally going to be Chilbongie!” and then on the next episode the opposite happens.
      In the beginning I thought, even though as I said I adore oppa, that Chilbongie would be the husband but again now I’m not sure. And how can you not fall for this guy? I mean really.. He is nearly perfect isn’t he? And yes he does deserves Na Jung. He totally does.
      As for oppa. It did got a bit furstrating the fact that we didn’t get to know what he was thinking. He is unreadable a lot of the times..I agree with you that I’m still not sure if he sees her romantically or he just loves her as a sister. Maybe he is confused too. Maybe he is mistaking his own feelings. I don’t know. But whatever the result I still find oppa an amazing person. And that not only because of the way he treats Na Jung, but also because of the way he treats everyone in the house and in the hospital. I could go on and on about him so I’m stopping now. 😉
      (ohh and thanks for saying that my review was lovely because I re-read what I have written and the later half is so poorly written and I thought it didn’t even make sense with so many mistakes, that I was on the verge of crying..Haha..)


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