The Heirs | Ep 13&14 | Thoughts

I guess these two episodes made everyone happy, didn’t they? It makes sense of course even though I never stopped liking Heirs. So it’s all good. Heirs was the only drama I was able to catch up last week being away and with mobile internet only but I’m glad I did.

After the way episode 12 ended I couldn’t wait for the next one. After Tan took a step forward, breaking off his engagement and confessing who his real mother is, he seemed so lost. It made sense considering the scale of his actions. So he went to see the only person in his life that would understand and comfort him- Eun Sang. And all I wanted while seeing him like this was for Eun Sang to go up to him and hug him. I wasn’t sure if they would grand my wish but they did! They did! Finally Eun Sang takes the initiative in this relationship and makes a move. She’s not just reacting to Tan’s actions. She hugged him and for me that made all the difference.

In general for me these two episodes were mostly about Eun Sang. Her time to shine came. I always found her character very realistic so I wasn’t bothered about her being scared or not stepping up from the beginning. But of course I wanted for her to overcome her fears and say she had enough. And that moment finally came. They way she confronted Rachel, ohh I just loved it! And then of course her time to make big confessions came. Saying in front of everyone that she is not “new-money”, that she is in fact poor and works several part times jobs was amazing. It took such courage to step out of her safe bubble, just as Tan did breaking his engagement that his father prepared to keep him “safe”, and finally admit who she really is. It would be easier to just go on letting everyone believe whatever but is it the right thing? Some would argue that it wasn’t but I was in this different group that believed that in certain circumstances that you just have to go the flow. But when you stop being comfortable “going with the flow” then yes please speak up. Say the truth. Live with the difficulties. It is much better. You’re gonna feel much better.


And after Eun Sang I found that  the girls in these episode were the protagonists. Especially Rachel. I would really like to feel sympathy for her. I really do. But I can’t. I’m sorry. I understand that she is in a very difficult situation, that she might be feeling betrayed and alone. I even understand that she is a human being and gets hurt by all the gossip and they way people treat her. But, there is a big but yes. Even though all these she still goes on and treats other like trash too (I’m not excluding Young Do here because he is doing the same thing). She still behaves equally bad like the ones around her. Like Young Do for example. And there is this thing with me. I always expect women to better than men. I put too much faith in my gender. I believe that in difficult times women can make more rational choices. That they will try to see the light in the dark. And so it bothers me much more, it infuriates me even more the fact that Rachel behaves the way she does. That she wasn’t able to be the bigger person. And maybe it’s just me that feels like that but still..


To keep it sort I want to end it here. I actually feel that I said everything that I wanted to say about these two episodes. Only two more things. I adored all the cute moments between Tan and Eun Sang, and between them and his mother. Also loved the small interactions between Tan and Won. Hopefully something will warm Won’s heart just a little bit more.

Overall I really enjoyed these two episodes. Full of courage and cute and warm moments. And I was so impatient and read some parts from episodes 15 and 16 recaps. Obviously I made the wrong choice. Obviously.It is always a bad thing when you know that you won’t be able to watch the actual thing right after. Ohh I’m off to watch the next two. Can’t wait!

(pictures credit: Scattered Joonni, Dramabeans)



12 thoughts on “The Heirs | Ep 13&14 | Thoughts

  1. You’re back from olive picking! How was it?
    These were good episodes weren’t they? I liked them too, mostly because Eun San stood up for herself, and they had their little prom nite :D. And lots of cute and fun, which is what the drama should’ve had more of. Glad you’re back!


    1. Yes I’m back! And I’m so glad I am. I missed the blogging community! It was fine, but it rained so much.. Haha.. 🙂
      I really enjoyed these two.. Really loved seeing Eun Sang standing up for herself!
      And now I have so much catching up to do..:)


  2. my favorite week for Heirs…..loved the cuteness and romance between Tan and ES…that last scene was so innocently sensual (if that makes sense…haha)
    I know! I always tend to remain free of spoilers before watching an episode…but that I’m not able to do in Heirs’ case…and for ep 16…when I heard the word ‘kiss’, I had to see how it was like….and….[SPOILER] it was hot!!!!! (will discuss about it when you’ll finally watch it 😉 )


    1. It totally makes sense! I was thinking “It’s like he is undressing her or something”. I loved that scene and all their scenes together of course.. 🙂
      And I have to admit I’m guilty of doing the same thing. I read too the word kiss so I went and watched only that scene. And yes it was so so hot! I loved it. I have a whole paragraph prepared for that kiss only! Haha.. 🙂


      1. I’m so looking forward to that para 😉 haha

        The kiss was very special because it was totally unexpected….I love PSH but I never expect anything sensual from her romantic scenes…so this was a huge surprise and a pleasant one of course….I also love that it was LMH who made her drop her inhibitions…lol


        1. It is true that hadn’t watched any good kiss with Park Shin Hye but I also know that it wasn’t her choice. Directors and writers are the ones that decide these things.
          But I was so glad that we got a real, proper kiss..Lee Min Ho being part of that kiss didn’t hurt either.. 🙂 😉


        2. Snow, do I sense a real life shipper in you somewhere?? It’s very dangerous territory you are treading on! You know how easily RL shipper hearts are broken! LOL.


          1. Bull’s eye!!!! Haha…

            Actually I wasn’t shipping them in RL before but after watching their BTS pics and videos, I can’t help but want them to date….LOL….a very dangerous territory indeed!! I even shipped So Ji Sub and GHJ but see what happened….: 😦 😉


            1. So Ji Sub and Gon Hyo Jin are meant to be, I tell you! They are just being low-key and letting their love bloom away from prying eyes :D.
              Have there been a lot of Heirs BTS videos and pics? I haven’t been keeping up but it feels like there hasn’t been enough to feed any shipping, or I could be wrong.


              1. Yeah….there are some making videos….mostly the cal. scenes….there is one where they talk about blood group and LMH-PSH are chatting and laughing as if they are the only ones there….lol…also, I just love the way he looks at her so lovingly in many BTS pics…ohh…I’m reading too much between the lines but I can’t help it!!! But…I don’t think they’ll date even if they are attracted as both of them are still young and busy…and there is this whole LMH fandom…haha…

                Really….SJS-GHJ….wow…fingers crossed that we’ll soon hear another celeb dating news!!


  3. Yeah, i like the scenes with Tan and his mum. Tan’s mum loves him so much, and even though she can be pushy and materialistic, it’s all for his sake. At least, she thinks that it’s all for his sake. She wants him to marry well and be the President of Jeguk Group because she thinks that will give him a good life. And her as well.


    1. I feel that she just wants a better life for her son. She probably didn’t have the easiest life so she wants her son to have everything. It does come off a bit pushy and materialist but I truly believe that she’s doing all these with real sincerity and love for Tan.. 🙂


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