Reply 1994 | Ep 5&6 | Thoughts

This drama continues to amaze me. How can it be so funny and so endearing at the same time? I don’t know, I find it a difficult thing to succeed and it is not something that I find in dramas often. I’ve watched Reply 1997 and I found it such a good drama that managed the same thing as here but now watching Reply 1994, I feel it is even better than its predecessor. I think it’s because I feel that all characters are more layered and more developed this time around.

Random thoughts about the episodes 

– Oppa-ya continues to be amazing. He is gonna grow up to be a great person. Not only in his personal but in his professional life too. The way he handled the situation on the hospital with the kids and their mother was such a strong moment of the episode. He is a good person and a caring one.

– I think that oppa-ya just never thought about Na Jung as something more. She was always the little sister of his friend so he saw him as that too. But he cares about her and knows her. He may make mistakes but when it comes to her he’s not making any. Probably now with a new boy on the block who shows interest in Na Jung oppa-ya will start rethinking some things. I can’t wait!


– Omma is pregnant. Sweet. So one mystery, who is that kid in the present moments, is solved.

– The theme of taking things and people for granted was handled so well. From the kids that whine to omma for meaningless things to Haetae and his way of treating his girlfriend all show something that everyone’s experienced once in their life. It is so easy sometimes to forget that people no matter how close to you are still people with feelings and mistreat them. It’s not that you stop loving or caring for them but we should always remember to show our appreciation once in a while.

– Continue to enjoy all the funny moments in between. Particularly in these episodes so many laughs were provided by the duo of Samchunpo and Yoon Jin. So funny and I love them.


– As for Chilbongi. Even though I’m team oppa ( here come the teams, now we are laughing) I started to appreciate him. He is sweet, I like the way he seems amused by Na Jung when she’s only being herself and I loved that he is not hiding anything. He took initiative by kissing her even if it was just for the game. In his mind it wasn’t, right? I don’t know if he is gonna be the husband, and I’m not gonna lie I’m still on oppa’s side, but if he is, I’m gonna be happy because he sure seems like a good choice.

Lastly about our lovely Binggeure. He likes oppa. Aww.. He seems like the sweetest kid and I find that he and Na Jung are on the same page in their lives. They both experience their first love and even if both are gonna be heartbroken in the end, still your first love is always your first love.


Overall I am so happy with this drama, it gives me all sort of happy feelings. Unfortunately being without internet from Friday to Sunday I will have to wait until next week to catch up with this lovely group of people. Patience should be my friend!


(pictures credit Dramabeans)


2 thoughts on “Reply 1994 | Ep 5&6 | Thoughts

  1. Yep, patience is certainly a virtue, ha ha. It’s so hard waiting every week for these episodes, I sit there on saturday afternoon (in my timezone) refreshing hoping it’s been subbed, lol


    1. So hard, so hard indeed! At least now with Heirs because I can watch it on Viki the same day at 11:30 at night I can watch the episode.. But yes with the others the next day at noon I find them ready.. The hardships of the international fans, right? Haha.. 🙂


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