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I cut my index finger the other day while trying to cut a cabbage and so I wasn’t quite able to write properly. Still am of course but the ring finger must do the job. So this week was not the best as far as drama watching concerns meaning I hadn’t a lot of time to watch the dramas. But luckily I caught up with Heirs and Reply 1994 both of which I’m really enjoying.

So this week’s episodes find us with some flashbacks to help us understand what happened in the past between Tan and Young Do, Young Do continues his bullying, Tan and Eun Sang spend some time together and they provide us with lots of cute moments, Tan confesses his feelings to Eun Sang, they almost kiss and then kind of kiss, Tan confronts his brother, Won continues to be weird, and lastly Young Do starts to have feelings(?) for Eun Sang.

First I wanna talk about Won. We learned a little bit about him in these episodes and when I saw him outside Hyun Joo’s house where secretary Yoon was the first thing that came to my mind is “Tan is just like him”. Their situation and the way they talk to their girls are very very similar and I have said it before that I find the two brothers to have so much more things in common than they think they do. Didn’t anyone got that feeling too?

Now as for Young Do. He is crazy. Craaazy I’m telling you. I understand that he has his issues, that he has problems with his father, that he grew up without a mom. BUT there comes a point that you just can’t continue to justify his actions. I like the way the character is written and Kim Woo Bin’s performance but I don’t like the person that this character is. He clearly despises his father and at the same time he follow his “advice” and tries to be more like him. I’m not sure that he even realises that he is becoming just like him. As for the reason behind the “hate” for Tan. I don’t find it enough for it to cause so many problems. Am I the only one? He saw in Tan what his situation could be but why to put all the anger he has towards his father to Tan. Because my guess is that that’s what happened.


The bullying got a bad bad turn in this episode as it was really hard to watch the way he treated Joong Young and I’m not talking only about the beating and having him kneel in front of him. It was equally bad to make him beg Eun Sang to help him, making him seem like (my first thought was) a pimp, because it was like Eun Sang had to offer herself to Young Do. Does that make sense? I hope it does. And as for the feelings he is starting to have for Eun Sang. I can probably understand why it was her that caught his attention but I completely cannot understand why he thinks that treating her like that would have any positive result. That is not how you win a girl’s heart or any person’s heart for that matter.

Moving on to Kim Tan I’m  happy that he finally took a step to the right direction, confronting Young Do, even if that was not with words but with “actions”. I do believe that Eun Sang wasn’t the cause for him to start taking action (the problems were there way before he meets Eun Sang) but she was the reason that pushed him a little bit to the right direction. As far as the confessing goes, I like it. I liked more the fact that he was honest and open about it, and that he actually asked her to think about the possibility of them being something more.  Their interactions are adorable, so funny and sweet, and I love the fast dialogues that they have. They really seem like real people when they are together. It feels more relaxing and so “the way things are supposed to be”. Also as a side note, I loved the scenes where he acts like a little boy like when he pulls the ponytail tie out of her hair. It shows his true character who at the end of the day just wants to live as a normal teenage boy.


As much as I loved the fact that he is all adorable with her, I wasn’t his biggest fan when unintentionally (at least I hope that is the case) makes her a ball between him and Young Do. That goes for Young Do too. She has found herself in the middle of the battle when she is the last person that needs to get involved in their “war”. Hopefully Tan realises that and finds a better way to “protect” her if you like.

Which leads me to another point and that is “the protecting”. I like Eun Sang, I understand her and I would probably be as terrified as she is if caught in the same situation. But still I hope for her to find the courage to stand up for herself  a little more. I know she can, she has done that already but I want more. It is nice to know that there is someone who will have your back, be it a guy or a friend in general, but the final battle you have to give it yourself. I’m hopeful that it is gonna happen sooner or later.


Despite all the hate that I see Heirs receiving I actually continue to enjoy this drama. I don’t get it. People talk about it being slow, not having a main theme, having underdeveloped side characters etc,etc. Personally I don’t see these points. I mean what did we expect? Tan and Young Do fighting with their fists from day one at school? I mean Tan just got back after three years. Wouldn’t it be weird for that to happen? And it doesn’t have a main theme? Isn’t Tan’s story the main theme? You know his journey in finding the courage to confront his family and his past. It feels like it is a main theme and the way to say the story of “people trying to feel free and have dreams and live the way they want and not the way their family and society expects them to live”. As for the underdeveloped characters, really? Really? The drama has so many side characters so that it’s bound to happen. And lets not get amnesia and believe that in every other drama all the characters are more developed. I think the main problem here is the expectations people had before even the drama started. High expectations lead us to believe that the drama is gonna be great and then the drama can’t live up to the expectations, exactly because the expectations were so high. What I’m trying to say is to try and give it a chance and also relax (as snow_white from The Drama Corner said in her post.)

Overall I really enjoyed these two episodes, I’m intrigued to see what happens next and I’m happy that at least here in the blogosphere there are people that enjoy watching The Heirs as much as I do.

(pictures credit: Dramabeans)


9 thoughts on “The Heirs | Ep 7&8 | Thoughts

  1. I like what you said about Won and Tan being the same. The way Won was acting like a child, “I have nowhere to sleep, can’t I sleep with you?” They’re definitely mirroring each other, in the girl they chose and the way they interact with her.

    You know what I find hilarious about this show? At least once every episode, someone has to take their shirt off, ha ha.


    1. Exactly exactly.. They have things n common, especially when g=you think the girls they choose to fall for.
      But Won have his issues, he was jealous about the affection that Tan received from their father, even though I see their father being the same uninterested and cold to both of them.. Hopefully things will get better..
      As for shirtless boys.. Who complains, right? It’s to satisfy the “shallow” part of ourselves.. Haha.. 🙂


      1. Yeah, Won lets his Dad treat him like that. He keeps blaming his dad for everything but it’s Won who has done the damage to himself. If he’d embraced Tan from the beginning, he would at least have an ally against his Dad.


  2. I too am waiting for Eun Sang to stand up for herself a little more. I’m sure it will come! I do like what you said about the final battle is one she has to win. True! What you said about Eun Sang offering herself to YD does make sense, but I saw it as more like YD knowing how to exploit her weakness. He found a way to make her do what he wanted. He was testing her. So I wonder what he will think up next. So evil!
    Hope the finger is healing!


    1. I agree with you also.. He guesses her weaknesses so he is finding ways to take advantage of her through them. But at the same time it was like forcing her to do things that she didn’t want to do but she had no other choice..Evil, evil indeed! We will see what he will do next..
      And thanks it does getting better! 🙂


  3. So glad that you enjoy Heirs just like me 🙂
    In fact…I think most of the bloggers do but those comments….in fact me and RandomSoju were having a funny discussion about it at one of her posts 😀

    I so agree with the thing that Heirs should show more scenes of Tan and Won’s bonding….


    1. Yes that’s what I see also, bloggers seem to enjoy it and find interesting things in the story but those comments..
      By the way I have been seen your comments in Dramabeans, and the first time I was like “Ohh I know who that is, I know!”. Sweet.. 🙂
      As for Tan and Won. More scenes and more back story would definitely be nice. Won needs to realise some things and give Tan a break..


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