Reply 1994 | Ep 3&4 | Thoughts

This drama works miracles on me. These episodes were full of laugh-out-loud moments and heart-rending ones. And yet they managed the ending result to be perfectly balanced.

Random thoughts about the episodes:

– Oppa-ya… I could just say that and nothing more and it would still be enough. Who doesn’t already love oppa-ya and want him to be the husband? If you say you don’t, then clearly you have no heart. Well ok , you may have one but still, how can you not like oppa-ya? What I like most about him is the fact that he knows how Na Jung is feeling. He can read her behind all the yelling and bubbly self. It feels like he is the silent force in this drama despite the goofy, aloof self we see him having.

– The scene where Na Jung confesses her feelings to oppa-ya, the look on his face. That terrifying moment when he is thinking if what she says it’s true is pure gold. Jun Woo did, and does in general in this drama, such a great job in portraying his character.


– I love all the interactions of Na Jung and oppa-ya. I love them together. And it is so sweet to see Na Jung falling in love for the first time. The anticipation, the disappointment that you feel when your first love is an unrequited one..

– Mothers have a special place in these episodes. First we have Chilbongie and his phone call and the realisation that his mother actually does care about him, like mothers do. And then with Haitai that finds himself not quite appreciating his mother, and giving the impression that he thinks “Now I am a grown up so what does my mother want? “, and then of course feeling guilty when relising how wrong he was. And last but definitely not least we have mrs Lee. Having lost her child, I can’t imagine anything worse happening to a mother. And still she is strong and able to move on, but at the same time as it happens she never forgets and hopes for things to be different.


– About the big question. The drama leaves us believing that anyone can be the husband but I guess everyone knows that it comes down to two- Oppa-ya and Chilbongie. Both are strong candidates. I like the fact that Chilbongie looks interested in Na Jung and the overall environment of the boarding house and the quirky family that they have created, something that is the opposite from what he is used to. My drama experience says that he probably is the “winner” but my heart goes to oppa-ya. Probably because he is someone I would like to find in real life.

– I hadn’t laugh, really, effortlessly laugh with a drama for some time now. And I found myself giggling so many times in this one. Which is a great sign. A great one!


While watching these episodes it feels like lots of things are happening but at the same time not really. What I love most is the fact that these things are ordinary, every day things. Things that happen to our lives. Having trouble getting into a club, breaking up, remarrying, fighting over meaningless things with your friends, feeling butterflies in your stomach while experiencing your first love, mourning the loss of a loved one are the things that no matter how ordinary they may seem when you think about them, at the same time they are what make life worth living.

Overall to say that I just enjoyed these episodes would definitely be an understatement. I savoured every moment of them. Cannot wait for the next ones.

(pictures credit: Dramabeans)


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