Song of the Week | In Colors by Minor Project

So this is not a korean or an asian song in general. I know, I know but I thought I’d post something a bit different. So this is a song by a greek band although the lyrics are in english.

It is a very melodic songs, very nostalgic. The music is amazing and the lyrics quite beautiful and interesting.

For me the lyrics are about the children, and the way they try to do the right things. But I guess on the other hand it is about the parents and how they want their children to be alright in the end of the day. Or maybe I’m completely wrong and it is about something entirely different. But I don’t care I like to think that the meaning of the song is that.

I have to admit that it is something that strikes home this trying to do the right things and trying to be alright in the end.

My favourite line from the song is probably the one that says

Right! You look up right again.
You broke your right to be the same like them. 


(picture found here xx, originally from  wolfives )


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