The Heirs | Ep 5&6 | Thoughts

When I finished watching episode 6 last night I had a strange feeling. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was but today after thinking about it I finally realised what it was.  I was feeling a bit unsettled. It was like I was waiting at any moment a big BANG to happen and leave everyone counting their wounds and trying to find what to do next. And I have people to blame. Yes I do.

In episode 5 Eun Sang learns who Tan really is, Tan’s father offers to Eun Sang’s mother a chance for her daughter to attend Jeguk High which she takes. And the first day of high school is really here. In episode 6 we are thrown into the high school drama, Eun Sang’s future days in Empire High School are looking pretty dark and a war is about to start.

Before I say anything about the kids, I want to talk a little bit about the Tan’s father behavior. Obviously he didn’t offer that chance to Eun Sang because he has a good heart,but because he wants to show her what her place and what his son’s place is. It is a way to make her realise that in their world she and Tan can never be anything. He possibly did the same thing with his other son Won but the way I see it neither of his tries were successful.

And now onto the kids. Eun Sang finding out who Kim Tan is couldn’t be less heartbreaking. One of the few good things happened in her life, meeting a kind boy, and he happens to be the son of her mother’s employer. And on top of that she is forced to live under the same roof but they couldn’t be more far apart. He is on top while she is at the very bottom when money and status are concerned. Humiliation and anger are the understandable feelings she is having. And it wasn’t less easy for him too. He thought that finally he found something worthwhile outside his twisted world and he is forced to drag that too in that world. Despite that though, I continue to love all the interactions between Eun Sang and Tan. I really like their fast conversations and they really look good together. And again I’m not talking about looks here, I’m talking about the fact that even the times they are not talking it really looks like they connect with each other.


I was reading some comments here and there and honestly I can’t understand where all this “hate” for Eun Sang comes from. They called her selfish because she wanted a different, better life. Since when wanting better things in your life is a crime? Would it be better to just accept her situation and be happy about it? Who likes being poor? She never asked to have Tan’s money for example, she just asked for the basics. Was it ok the way she was living with her mother? No it wasn’t. Was it a crime that she eventually accepted to go to Jeguk High when that would give her a better chance to do something with her life than just find any job? And as for the way she treated her mother. Doesn’t anyone understand that she is a teenager and on top of that a teenager who can’t live as a real teenager because she has to work three part time jobs to gain some money? Don’t you know that teenagers always blame their parents? You never did it? And to say things as they are she never blamed her mother because she is poor. She loves her mother too much and it hurts her to see her like that and not being able to do something to help her. Did you think that she would go to America and she would just live the big life? I’m not saying it was the best way the one she chose to go after the possibility of a better future but still.

And as for the her behavior in school. Why everyone attacks her for being torn about what she should do. Yes she wanted to help the kid who was being bullied but at the same time she has to play by the rules if she wants to survive. And she needs to survive if she wants that chance I was talking about. I don’t think that eventually would stand still watching the injustices taking place but right now I find that her behavior is understandable. Again lets all not forget that she is a teenager. She hasn’t all the answers, she is allowed to make mistakes. (Please don’t get offended about that “you”. I’m not necessarily talking about you, they are more like “cosmic” questions and not personal “attacks” or something..!)


As for our hero, Tan. I liked the fact that he was the one to come clean about who he is. It would be worse to let her believe whatever and then finding out from someone else. It took courage and it definitely looked like he hated the fact that he had to tell her the truth. Also it is so sad to see him when he is with his bother. To say that his existence is what bothers his brother is just too much. He is trying his best by not doing anything that his brother would consider it as an attack. But I guess it’s not working.

Which brings me to my next point. Tan’s behavior in school. The solution he came up these three years, that he was gone, was to do nothing. To try to pass by unnoticed in a way.To not to do anything that could potentially be “dangerous”. Not that this is possible of course when he is dealing with Young Do. I have to admit that I do not like this way of acting. Or better not acting when he sees what’s happening. I still believe though that that won’t last for long. He will have to face these problems because he as a person won’t be able to stand them. Let’s not forget that he did changed these past three years. Maybe Eun Sang will help him in one way or the other.


And now let’s talk about what is or better who is the one that’s unsettling me. It is non other than Young Do. His whole behavior, looks, way of looking just makes me uncomfortable. He looks so vicious, so I-will-destroy-everything-and-everyone-as-long-as-I-get-what-I-want. The way he is treating the kids at school, the way he bullies, the way he looks at Eun Sang, everything about him screams “Something is not right about him”. And he has that smirk on his face that makes you always wonder what the hell is he thinking? I don’t know, this whole Young Do thing makes me uncomfortable. I’m actually quite scared to see what he will do next. And especially what will happen when he breaks. Because that is bound to happen. I do not like these types of people in reality but he is definitely an interesting character and kudos on Kim Woo Bin who portrays him like that.


Since coming back in Korea the drama feels like it’s full of angst, if that is possible. Now I can truly understand that yes the California part was really a break from reality. A bubble where everything was calm and normal. We will miss those days,trust me. Even though I am excited to see what happens next.

I don’t particularly find the pacing of the drama slow as it actually helps me to follow all the different stories and little things that happen. Overall I really enjoyed these two episodes and I find that these two episodes every week are hardly enough to satisfy my needs.. Ahhh..


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8 thoughts on “The Heirs | Ep 5&6 | Thoughts

  1. I can completely understand your frustration with all the hate…even if I contribute to the hate sometimes. I think that I have this unrealistic expectation that drama heroines should be sympathetic and upstanding, even when they are teenagers. But you are right, looking back I was pretty selfish at 18. As far as Tan goes, I think he will eventually come out of that shell and try to take back the school from Young Do, and even give in and try to become the number one shareholder at Jeguk. Won’s gonna drive him too far one of these days. As far as Young Do is concerned, he is pretty chilling. I think that he must be holding in some pretty serious issues. Possibly to do with his mother. But I think that when he does break it will be more sad than frightening.


    1. Ahh I just got really frustrated with all these comments that just expected from Eun Sang to be this perfect person.
      I actually like this more realist aspect of the characters, being flawed and not all happy about their situations.
      Of course that doesn’t mean that I agree with their choices. Don’t get me wrong. I think that be a bystander who does nothing when someone is mistreated is equally bad but I feel like because it’s the beginning they are allowed to make mistakes..
      As for Young Do definitely agree, when he breaks it is going to be sad, it is evident that he has issues, and especially issues that concern his mother and the way his father treats him. But right now, I’m a bit afraid of him..


  2. Tan is definitely going to have to step up at some point. Just like he’s going to have to (I suspect) actively do something to gain Won’s trust. (I’m not a fan of their dad, so I feel like they need to work together.) And I agree, I think Eun-sang will be either the reason or the nudge, that helps him do it.

    I also agree it’s unfair to fault Eun-sang for not stepping forward to help. For one, she’s one of the powerless ones and she knows it. For another, she’s actually tried to step forward a couple of times, but Tan keeps warning her off. (So really, if blame is going to be thrown, it should be thrown at Tan — though honestly, it’s really early in the game for him, too. At this point, I think it’d be unrealistic for either of them to standup to the social order. That’s for later. I hope!)

    And so much agreement about Young-do! He’s much more dangerous than I’d expected. I’ve really interested to see where he goes.


    1. I’m not a fan of their dad either. It feels like he is apathetic but one the other hand it feels that he is the source of the two brother’s problems. And I see the two brothers having more things in common than they believe they have.
      Exactly it is early to put the blame to anyone really. Both have tried to find ways to cause less “problems”. Yes their approach is not the best one but we are only in the beginning.As things will start to get more nasty, they won’t be able to stand still. At least I hope so..
      As for Young Do, well as I said- very unsettling. Definitely interested to see what he’s gonna do next.. 🙂


      1. Yes agree with you about the brothers having more things in common! I get the feeling that Kim Won was just like Tan until taking on the chaebol heir role and being manipulated by his father sucked the life out of him and crushed his soul.


        1. Exactly, exactly.. And I have a feelinh the father himself was like them in the beginning.. All this talk from Won that his mother was a simple farmer girl from California.. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was true for their father.. We will see I guess as the story progresses.. 🙂


  3. I completely agree with you….Eun Sang is a teenager who has always seen poverty….frankly, we don’t want our heroines to be perfect and then people criticize when they are not….in fact, I’m glad that there is a hint of reality in ES’s character and lots of scope for growth….not everyone can be badass and from day 1 of school at that….
    Same goes for Kim Tan….right now he’s ignoring the bullying but that goes with his character’s nature and also gives room for lots of improvement in him as well…


    1. It is nice to see that someone agrees.. They might have matured because of the things that happened in their lives and the things that they were forced to face but they remain two teenagers.
      Eun Sang behaves like that because all her life she was searching for ways to survive,so she found jobs.
      Tan thought that being the opposite from a bully and someone who does nothing, because that would anger his brother so he applies that on school life too.
      So both have tried to find ways to deal with their situations.
      They worked with what they had but I do know that they will make better choices as the story progresses..
      But as I said they are still teenages andvthey make mistakes.. They are allowed as long as they change for the better later on.. 🙂


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