Unemployed Romance | Ep 2&3 | Thoughts

I’m happy to announce that I like each episode of this drama more and more. It took me a while, 3 episodes that is, to get used to this new way of story-telling from different perspectives and now I am ready to see what Jong Dae’s perspective has to offer.

In these two episodes our heroine finds herself jobless as the company she is working goes bankrupt, she spends some time with the lovely lawyer, who is lending her a helping hand, and we get to see some flashbacks and we learn how Seung Hee and Jong Dae relationship ended.

As for the progression of the story, it is definitely moving on. We see our heroine loosing her job, having troubles with the police while trying to sell the company’s stuff, she looses her car also again because of the company’s president and on top of all these she is made a laughing stock when she takes part in a tv show. Life couldn’t get any worse, right? But I liked the way they showed all these. It was in a funny, sweet way and I liked that they keep it kind of realistic. Loosing your job or not having one from the beginning is never an easy thing, and at times like these you feel helpless, you doubt yourself and you try anything out. But you have to have faith that better days will come, right? (Well yes I’m now actually trying to convince myself, being someone who is looking for a job and stuff..)


I also loved all the scenes with Wan Ha the lawyer. He so looks like the perfect guy and I’m getting strong second male lead feels. But for some reason I feel like this time he has a chance. Or is it only my hopes?


We also got to see some flashbacks which I highly appreciated but before I see Jong Dae’s side of the story I’m not taking sides. I feel so swallow saying that I’m waiting for the guy to show up but on the other hand with the way the drama is structured right now it is only natural to want to know what his thoughts and feelings are.

I think i know what this drama is trying to do. It is packaged as a romantic comedy but at the same time it makes fun of romantic comedies. Or am I the only who believes it? I mean there were so many signs- the music at times, the usual cheesy lines and behaviors, the way they choose to portray some incidents. It’s not exactly the story but the way they choose to show us the story. But it is not a bad thing, definitely not, it’s just a different approach than the way I’m used to with k-dramas.

Overall though as I said I’m enjoying more and more each new episode and I’m interesting to see what will happen next.

(pictures credit: our lovely google)


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