The Heirs | Ep 3&4 | Thoughts

I’m liking Heirs more and more. I stayed up on Thursday night waiting for the subs on Viki to reach 90% in order to watch episode 4 as quickly as possible. It was worth it,I tell you.

I’ve read a few comments and thoughts here and there and I don’t know, I think the drama gets better and better. These two episodes were full of cuteness, moments full of angst and more complicated relationships. We are now back in Korea and I guess it is time for the story to get moving.

In episode 3 Tan and Eun Sang spend some time time together but she needs to go back to Korea. Also Tan has a meeting with his brother who he hasn’t seen for three years. We see that the adults lives are as complicated as the kids’. In episode 4 Tan finds the courage to go back in Korea, Eun Sang finds herself with no house and she needs to move into the house her mother works. And that house happens to be Km Tan’s house. Ohh the karma!

I will continue to say that probably the best part of the drama is Tan, Eun Sang, their relationship and their potential. I loved their scenes together, especially in episode 3 where they needed to spend the night together. They were funny, cute and I saw chemistry. Maybe more of chemistry-that-friends-have but with the potential to be something more.

Now about Kim Tan. If I say that I love his character already would that be a bit too much? He is like a small, afraid boy. The scene with his brother was so awkward and the way he seems to need his approval is so sweet and heartbreaking at the same time. Also I’m curious about what exactly happened before. He clearly was a bully with Young Do but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t too happy about it. Or something like that.


So that got me thinking about him. He was sent away in a far away country where he knew no one when he was around 15. Only 15 years old. He had to live alone, in this big empty house with no real communication with his family and with his brother who was and is his most beloved person. He had way too much time in his hands. Think only how many hours he had to spend alone. Too much time equals too many opportunities to think. I found myself doing the same things the first years in university when I was living alone. When you are alone the only person you have is yourself. So it is inevitable to think. And to think a lot and  about everything- your life, your choices, everything. So I imagine that would be the case with Tan too. He probably did some serious thinking, he regretted some of his choices, and he matured, naturally. But of course having to spend so much time alone with yourself makes you lonelier. And he is above all lonely. Lonely and hungry for some affection.

Now about Eun Sang. Can I say how lovely I find her character? She is cute and funny, and hardworking, and realistic and fierce. They way she behaved when they spend the night together, all these references to horror movies, was so adorable. I do find that Tan’s character is a bit more interesting right now but I do find that in the future we will get more from her. Or at least I hope so.

Both characters have potential. And it’s like they have different energies that could potentially create miracles. As BetsyHp (from Creating Volumes) said in responding to my comment in her post “He slows her down so she can take in the scenery, she speeds him up so he can start taking action.”. So true and so promising.


Lastly about the “adult world”. Well its more messed up that the kids’ world. Secrets and past relationships and hints of unhappiness and the pursuit of power. Way to settle an example for the younger generation. I mean if their parents and their world is like that how we expect the kids to end up like, right?

Now that we are back in Korean I’m excited to see how things will evolve. Kim Tan coming back, Eun Sang living in his house, kids going back to high school, old friends turned enemies meeting again, people falling for people that they shouldn’t. Well it does sound promising to say the least.

Overall I really really enjoyed these two episodes and I can’t wait for next week’s. Ohh and the new song from the official soundtrack, Love Is… I love it. I’m listening to it non-stop..

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10 thoughts on “The Heirs | Ep 3&4 | Thoughts

  1. I am so, so, so onboard their romance! 🙂 Eun-sang’s already made a huge change in Tan’s life in that he actually came home. What more changes will come? And how will he change her? I can’t wait to find out.

    And my gosh, the adults! I totally agree with you, they’re like high school kids themselves. No wonder their children are so messed up. (I did not put together that Tan was living on his own from age 15 onwards. That’s pretty horrifying.)


    1. I can’t wait either to see how these two will help and change each other.. I do believe that their so far story sets a great base for more things to come. 🙂
      Well he did say that he didn’t see his brother for three years so if we agree that he is now 18, it is three years. Although I might be wrong.. But still he has lived alone for a very long time and I agree that it is horrifying.. He was just a kid and he was forced to mature faster than needed.And I would go as far as to say that Eun Sang is the same, having to work so hard from her teens years. She was aware of her situation and the sacrifices she had to make, and that definitely matured her..


      1. Yup, your math is horribly correct.

        And I agree, it’s another way he and Eun-sang are connected. Because of her sister leaving Eun-sang had to take on money making jobs for herself. (Which — it’s odd her mom doesn’t make more… but maybe she pumped all their income to the older sister in the hopes she was making something of herself?)

        So both she and Tan have been living like adults for a lot longer than their peers. Learning to be self-reliant, not having a family to support or rebel against in the same way their classmates have.


        1. I think it is exactly what you said- sending money to her daughter hoping it would help her put her life in order. But still she is a single mother having to take care two children with a salary that I’m sure is not much.. It is difficult..
          Tan and Eun Sang have more things in common that they imagine I guess. I just love them, it’s the only thing I can say really…


  2. No no, it’s not too much to say you love Kim Tan already, because I LOVE HIM TOO! I luff him like I luff the wounded puppy he is. And I luff Eun Sang too, although a little less, but together, they seem to work for me. I really wasn’t expecting to be as taken in by this show as much as I am!


    1. Haha.. It’s true, he is like a wounded puppy. While watching him I just kept thinking he has these puppy eyes filled with sadness..
      I just cannot wait for the next episodes.. And honestly the main reason is those two!!


  3. Loved the second week…I loved the hide and seek and all the things leading up to Tan’s discovery that Eun Sang lives in the same house….Lee Min Ho’s expressions were superb….
    Oh I love this line…”He slows her down so she can take in the scenery, she speeds him up so he can start taking action”…which explains their relationship perfectly 🙂


    1. His expressions were superb indeed. I think people mistaken his calmness and shyness and loneliness as lack of acting skills. It’s not an easy thing to act like that. Usually the calmer characters are the most difficult ones.
      Yes her line was definitely on spot. i’m very interested in seeing her being one of the motives for him to find some courage and him helping her relax and enjoy life,I guess..
      I don’t know, I just like them.. 🙂


      1. I agree…..the exaggerated acting can be done easily but being natural, composed is a lot more difficult….and that is the reason why Gong Hyo Jin is my favorite….she remains low-key with her acting and yet delivers it amazingly 🙂


        1. Lots of people believe that when you have to act in “loud” characters is more difficult because of the expressions but truth is that it is the “calm” characters that are more difficult. Because it is so easy to fall into the trap of having an expressionless face when you want to look more composed etc. I have seen it many times in dramaland.
          And you’re right about Gong Hyo Jin is always delivers.. 🙂


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