Song of the Week | Thank You by Hun

A few days ago I finished watching the drama Thank you. There is a review to come but my overall opinion is that it was great. A new favourite dare to say.

This song is amazing. His voice, the lyrics, the music. My favourite part is when it says

I smile because I’m happy, these words I have kept at the bottom of my throat, I really love you. My foolish love which cannot even be expressed, now I finally say this, I live because you exist.

It goes so amazingly with the drama. So bittersweet..


(picture found here xx, originally from 夕月姑姑 )


4 thoughts on “Song of the Week | Thank You by Hun

  1. I finished Thank You recently too, and it’s one of my favourites!! I really thought it was wonderful. Can’t wait to read your review! I’ve been sitting on mine for far too long, maybe yours will inspire me…;)


    1. It was wonderful indeed. I think it is such an underrated drama.. I have written about two pages of notes on this drama so hopefully I will get something out of them..haha.. And I would love to read your review and thoughts on this one.. 🙂


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