The Heirs | Ep 1&2 | First Impressions

The Heirs aka The Inheritors aka He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight aka the most anticipated for many drama of the year has finally aired. It was about time, right? Right. Personally I tried to keep my expectations low. I always try to do that. It’s the fear of getting let down that stops me from being overexcited about a drama. Thankfully I have also saved myself with any Boys Over Flowers comparisons because I haven’t watched this one.

in these first two episodes we have the general introduction of our main characters and their complicated-it seems, relationships. The story started in Los Angeles and I thought that after these two introductory episodes we would move back to Korea but I guess we will have to wait a little more to see our heroes in school uniforms.

The Pros

– I liked the two main leads. Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) is for me a breath of fresh air in stories like this one. We have seen rich but deep down lonely guys but in this case we get a rich but lonely from the start. He is nice and sensitive. I liked the fact that they used this character to be the “narrator” of the story. It gives us a glimpse of his thoughts which is always nice. Lastly I also loved the way he was looking at Eun Sang. His eyes for me said more about his situation and his feelings than his potential feeling for Eun Sang. It showed that he understands her. Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) on the other hand, she might be a more typical heroine but still I found interesting her family background and the way she is realistic about her situation. I think what I liked most about her was the fact that she still dreams of  a better tomorrow and the fact that she hides a fierce personality that can be shown in some scenes of the episodes. Two lost souls finding each other. This is something I can’t wait to see..

PicMonkey Collage2

– Probably my favourite scene from these episodes though was the one with Choi Young Do (Kim woo Bin), Lee Bo Na (Krystal) and Park Hyung Sik (Jo Myung soo) when they were all talking with each other. It seemed such a natural, effortless and realistic scene of a group of teenage friends talking and making jokes. I look forward to seeing more scenes like that.

– From all the side characters, for me, the most interesting were Lee Hyo Shin (Kang Ha Neul) and Yoon Chan Young (Kang Min Hyuk). The first one because I always like characters that they try to hold everything together and be perfect and please everyone, like Choi Chang Yub’s character in School 2013, but then there comes this inevitable point when the break-or at least bend.He seems to be one of those. The second one because for some reason he seems the most realistic character in this drama. Like a guy that you could know in real life.

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The Cons

– Oh my God why why why can’t they find better “American” actors? And the worse thing is that that seems to be the case in most of the dramas. Overacting and just in general so cliche characters. It was awful to say the least.

– The character of Rachel Yoo (Kim Ji Won). I do not, repeat do not, like these kind of characters. I think my main issue with them is the way they are written. And there’s the thing, when guys are like that, like Choi Young Do in this case, for some reason they don’t come off as clingy, or bitchy or something. They come off as jerks but with the potential deep down to be misunderstood and hurt. I feel like female characters never get the chance to potentially be more deep and I think that is the case here too.

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– For me there are too many characters in one drama. And there are more to come. It’s more of a fear of mine that not all characters were gonna given the chance to shine. I just want the secondary characters to have interesting story-lines too (and when that’s the case screen time too) and I wish they get them.

– (See how I’m not referring to Lee Min Ho’s english? See?)

From the beginning, I never expected to be blown away by this drama not because again I don’t think that the drama is gonna be good but because this is my general opinion on stories like that. Rich high school guy, with family issues falling for the poor, hardworking, cute girl. I like and thoroughly enjoy stories among those lines but these are not usually the stories that are gonna be put on my favourite list. But despite all I’m always open to have my mind changed. And you know what? I’m not so hard to pleased so unless this drama sucks really bad later on I will enjoy it. So overall I quite enjoyed these first two episodes and I’m waiting for the next ones.

(Side Note: Does anybody have any idea what the song that is playing while Lee Mi Ho is surfing is? The one that’s in english but definitely sang by a non-native english speaker? Is it a new one? Is it an older one? I really like it. And lately I have problems finding what the songs are from the dramas I’m watching. Same with Unemployed Romance. Is it a disease or something?)

(pictures credit: Dramabeans)


2 thoughts on “The Heirs | Ep 1&2 | First Impressions

  1. I enjoyed Heirs….and liked the main couple….well, it’s quite natural as they are my favorites 😛 But in addition to that fact, I’m loving their story…
    and there are so many characters….and I’m excited to know their stories and relationships 🙂


    1. Definitely the main couple’s story and interactions were among my favourite things in these two episodes. I liked their chemistry and because I consider them good actors I’m sure we’re safe acting-wise. Hopefully their story will be really good.
      As for the side characters, I do too want to learn more about them and hopefully we get good stories for them too.It’s always nice the side stories to be good, it makes the whole drama better.. 🙂
      Excited for the next episodes.. 🙂


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