Unemployed Romance | Ep1 | First Impressions

Unemployed Romance was one of the dramas I was so excited to start. The first episode aired and generally it wasn’t what I expected.

A little reminder to everyone, the story revolves around Seung Hee a struggling writer and Jong Dae an employee at the department of unemployment benefits. These two used to be in a relationship  but now he blames her for the bad turn his life has taken. That was what we knew but I feel like things are a little bit different. I think he is not the only one that blames her for the bad position he is in. She also feels the same way towards him.

I read that the format of the drama will be a bit different from what we are used to so far. The first three episodes will be from the girl’s perspective, the next three from the guy’s and the rest will be a combination of the two-the usual format that we are used to.

The Pros

– The main heroine is likable. She is funny and her imagination wild. She seems to be in a writer’s block having to eavesdrop, or asking her sister to tell her gossip in order to think of a new story-line. I found that it’s understandable to be in that kind of situation giving the way her life is. She must be feeling like her confidence is below zero right now and I believe that you need confidence if you want to write something good. The other thing I loved about her was the fact that she was realistic. She needs money to live so she is ready to write whatever she is asked to write. She has sacrificed her writing in order to live. Which is pretty accurate with how things usually work in real life. unemployed01-00067

– I liked how the kind of made fun of the way romance is portrayed in dramas and the dramas in general. It was a funny touch and I’m saying that despite my love for dramas. Also it had some funny moments in general.

– The second male lead (or you know a male lead) was introduced. I liked all the interactions with our protagonist. unemployed01-00156

The Cons

– It was quite slow paced I have to admit it. Also I do believe that we could do without so many interactions between Seung Hee and the adjummas.

– At the beginning I found it weird that we weren’t introduced to the main male lead. That is probably because I am used to the different format of storytelling. But even though I want more Jong Dae I’m definitely giving a chance to the writers to prove that this new format is also good.

Overall this first episode was different from how I imagined it would be but I remain hopeful that the next episodes will be better.

(pictures credit: Dramabeans)


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