The Master’s Sun | Ep 16&17 | Final Thoughts

The Master’s Sun ended last week and before I say anything else I want to say this: “Everyone ended up ok in the end.” If you had read my previous posts about this drama’s characters you would know that my biggest concern was for them to be ok in the end. Thank you Hong sisters for granting my wish!

Story-wise, well everyone got their happily ever after. Which is a pretty satisfying ending if you ask me. I do wanna keep it sort though because I feel like I have said everything I wanted to say in my previous posts and these last two episodes where just the fulfillment of my previous wishes so I’m going to talk about three things and end it there.

Gong Sil wanted to come back as a strong independent woman where the first thing you notice about her wasn’t the fact that she can see ghosts. She wanted to become someone that she would like, because if she didn’t like herself how could anyone else would right? Well it did made sense and I loved the fact that in the end she didn’t really left to protect him or something idiotic-noble like that. She left to go seek answers for herself. She wanted to find out why that happened to her because only then she could move on. And she did. And that made her accept her situation. I liked the fact that she didn’t loose her ability.It is one thing to loose what’s hurting you and tires you and present yourself as a changed person but it is a whole other thing to learn to accept and care about your situation. She is a different person because she accepted herself and it takes such courage to do so. She matured and let go of her past. I loved her character to pieces and throughout the drama it pained me to see her like that and I’m glad in the end she gets what she wanted- piece of mind and a loving man.


Joong Won on the other hand after finding closure and making peace with his past, just wanted to spend the rest of his life with the woman he loved, the woman who brought light in his life. I loved what he said in episode 15, that it doesn’t matter what order things are done, because he already likes her. It s something that should have been said earlier but I understand why it wasn’t. I liked his progression throughout the drama, how from this cold, money-measured guy warms up to be this loving and caring man who would do anything for the woman he loves.


The last thing I want to talk about is the main theme, for me of course, of the story. Confronting your fears and finding closure. Confronting your fears, finding the truth are never easy things to do. It takes courage and time. But mostly it asks from the person to be ready to know the truth and be ready to let go. Because sometimes you’re not willing to let go because it’s comfortable the way things are. And because the truth sometimes might scare you and you also might not like it. and after you confront your fears you will find closure. Dealing with the past and your feelings are always difficult but it’s the only way in order for you to move on. And this drama was a very good portrayal of this theme. It showed the difficulties, the denials and the inevitable calmness that comes after everything is finished.

Overall it wan’t a masterpiece but it was a great drama. For me what worked most and what I cared most about were the main couple and their journey (their chemistry was a big plus also!), the theme of finding closure, and the funny parts in-between. I would definitely recommend it and I’m glad I’ve decided to watch it. And let’s not forget that it was this drama that introduced me to Gong Hyo Jin who I now adore..

Rating  4,5/5 



(pictures credit: Dramabeans)


2 thoughts on “The Master’s Sun | Ep 16&17 | Final Thoughts

  1. Great post… that you mentioned it, Master’s Sun did teach us that we should face our fears and confront them….

    Really?? Was it your first Gong hyo jin drama?? First time I saw her in Hello my teacher but started loving her after Best Love…I like her natural acting…without any exaggerated reactions or expressions…also, she has this warmth in her persona which I adore..
    So Ji Sub was adorable beyond words….great couple indeed..


    1. Yes I think that that was the main theme and truth is I like dramas that are like that.. I like seeing people getting stronger and facing whatever they need to face!
      And yes it really is my first Gong Hyo Jin drama and I’m so glad I found out about her. I think if I had started with a different one I might not have been so impressed but now I understand her great acting skills! Such a natural acting and such a natural beauty also. She is my favourite korean actress..
      As for Jo SI Sub, well what can I say? Adorable, and good acting and so freaking handsome.
      I loved both of them! I want more dramas with them.. 🙂


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