Song of the Week | Do You Know by Eun Hyul

I’m currently watching Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy and I only have three more episodes to complete it. This song is one that it’s featured in the drama.

I really like his voice and I like to imagine that it is one very romantic song that talks about broken hearts and lost loves. Also for some reason I have this image in my head that shows a girl alone in a karaoke place singing this song while crying her eyes out.  Go figure..

I said I imagine about what it talks about because I couldn’t find any english subtitles but still you don’t really need to know what the lyrics are to be able to feel and understand a song. But it would still be nice.

And now that we are on that subject can I just wine a little bit about the hardships of the international fans (yes that was the title of a post I was very close to writing!) who can’t find subtitles for dramas that they want to watch? Yeah..


(picture found here xx, originally from  ulanalee )


2 thoughts on “Song of the Week | Do You Know by Eun Hyul

  1. This was my first Gong Hyo Jin drama….I don’t remember the songs except one peppy number which is played during the happier times…..forgot the lyrics..
    Yes…..the wait for subtitles is so irritating as is their unavailability….


    1. It’s a sweet drama for sure.. And I think I know which song you’re referring to..
      As for the subs.. That day I was so pissed of that I couldn’t find subs for a new drama that I had to mention it!


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