Reply 1994 | Ep 3&4 | Thoughts

This drama works miracles on me. These episodes were full of laugh-out-loud moments and heart-rending¬†ones. And yet they managed the ending result to be perfectly balanced. Random thoughts about the episodes: - Oppa-ya... I could just say that and nothing more and it would still be enough. Who doesn't already love oppa-ya and want him … Continue reading Reply 1994 | Ep 3&4 | Thoughts


Song of the Week | In Colors by Minor Project So this is not a korean or an asian song in general. I know, I know but I thought I'd post something a bit different. So this is a song by a greek band although the lyrics are in english. It is a very melodic songs, very nostalgic. The music is amazing and the … Continue reading Song of the Week | In Colors by Minor Project

The Heirs | Ep 5&6 | Thoughts

When I finished watching episode 6 last night I had a strange feeling. I couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was but today after thinking about it I finally realised what it was. ¬†I was feeling a bit unsettled. It was like I was waiting at any moment a big BANG to happen and leave everyone … Continue reading The Heirs | Ep 5&6 | Thoughts

Quote of the Day

My first night in Seoul. I still remember the softly crunching feeling of that fluffy blanket, and the warm but chilly air. 1994 Seoul was exactly like that to me- crowded but lonely, intense but tiring, a hot but cold city. A city I couldn't know. We had become rightful citizens of Seoul, but had … Continue reading Quote of the Day

Unemployed Romance | Ep 2&3 | Thoughts

I'm happy to announce that I like each episode of this drama more and more. It took me a while, 3 episodes that is, to get used to this new way of story-telling from different perspectives and now I am ready to see what Jong Dae's perspective has to offer. In these two episodes our … Continue reading Unemployed Romance | Ep 2&3 | Thoughts

Reply 1994 | Ep 1&2 | First Impressions

Having previously watched Reply 1997, which I had thoroughly enjoyed as it was such a heartwarming coming of age story, it was natural for me to be really excited about Reply 1994. If it had the same feeling as its "prequel/sequel" I would be happy and complete. I'm glad to announce that, at least for … Continue reading Reply 1994 | Ep 1&2 | First Impressions